Order total: 500 Compensation 500/ Page Pages: 1, Single spaced Sources: 1 Order type: Essay Subject: Criminology Academic level: Undergraduate Style: APA Language: English (U.S.) Order Description To the writer see below what the paper is about: To increase your knowledge of the field, imagine that you are the head of your county EMS agency. You want everyone in your area to use the START method of triage. You have been given the opportunity to speak at your next district EMS meeting, which the heads of area EMS agencies will attend. This is your big chance! Prepare a paper outlining what START is, what it does, and why your area EMS agencies should all adopt the same system for use in the event of major disasters or the use of WMD by terrorists. Remember, the better your paper, the better your presentation. (You may include charts, graphs, etc. in your paper.) This assignment must be a neat, professional presentation of two to four typed, double-spaced pages on this subject. Proper punctuation, spelling, and usage of grammar are required.


I 1:

More and more states (and Canada) have approved the medical and/or recreational use of marijuana, yet marijuana is considered to be an illegal drug under federal law. Should marijuana be legalized as is alcohol or should it be more regulated? Please share your thoughts.


For this reflection, briefly introduce the topic of your expository essay to your course mates. This is not a formal disclosure. Instead, describe what you intend to write about in your Unit VII expository essay. Use the following questions as a guide:

  • What is your topic?
  • How are you approaching it?
  • What do you already know about the topic?
  • What do you want others to know about the topic?
  • What attracted you to this topic?
  • Do you have a personal interest in the topic?
  • What was the inspiration for writing about this topic?
  • What do you want to know about the topic?
  • What kinds of research are you doing already?
  • How do you feel about the drafting process so far?


While all functions of management are important (planning, organizing, leading, staffing, and controlling), which function, in your opinion, is most important? Explain.


In this unit, we covered several tips for revising and editing documents.

  • What do you believe is your favorite editing feature that you will use on a regular basis?
  • Explain why, and give a brief description of how this will aid in your success.



Attached is the rubric.

REQUIRED UNIFORM ASSIGNMENT: HEALTH PROMOTION PROJECT PURPOSE To apply concepts you have learned about health promotion concepts and strategies, enhance your written communication skills, and demonstrate a beginning understanding of cultural competency. COURSE OUTCOMES This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes. CO #1 Discuss the professional nurse’s role in health promotion activities. (PO #1 & 2) CO #3 Discuss health promotion, illness prevention, health maintenance, health restoration, and rehabilitation in relation to the nurse’s role in working with various populations. (PO #1 & 2) CO #7 Identify health promotion strategiesthroughout the life span. (PO #1 & 2) DUE DATE The Health Promotion Project (RUA) is due in Unit 5. However, refer to the Course Calendar for variations in campus requirements and details. The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment. TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE 100 Points REQUIREMENTS 1. Identify a health problem or need for health promotion for a particularstage in the life span of a population from a specific culture in your area (this might include age and gender population as well). Choose one of the Leading Health Indicators(LHI) priorities from Healthy People 2020 (see the Healthy People.gov 2020 Leading Health Indicators website link in the Assignment section for Unit 2 under “Web Links). Studentsin a cultural concentration will use that specific cultural focus to complete this assignment. 2. Research a topic related to health and wellness associated with one of the Healthy People 2020 topic areas. Studentsin a cultural concentration will use that specific cultural focus to complete this assignment. 3. Submit your topic to the instructor for approval at least 2 weeks prior to the assignment (during Unit 3) but earlier if desired. All topics must be approved. 4. You will develop an educational health promotion project addressing the population/culture in your area. For or example, if you are in the Hispanic concentration, your project might be educational interventionsto address how food choices are related to the high rates of diabetes among Latinos; or, a community project that addressesthe statistic that Hispanics experience new HIV infections at more than twice the rate of whites; or, finding opportunitiesto intervene with Puerto Ricans, a Hispanic subculture, who suffer asthma at twice the rate of the general population (2020 LHI Topic Three: Environmental Quality: (see the Healthy People.gov 2020 Leading Health Indicators website link in the Assignmentsection for Unit 2 under “Web Links). 5. General expectations  All articles must be from nursing or scholarly journals and should include health promotion and wellness content. Articles must be published within the last five (5) years. If you are unsure whether the article is appropriate, ask your instructor. You could lose significant points if the article is not from a scholarly source and/or appropriate to the topic.  Please ask questionsif you need clarification. NR‐222HEALTH AND WELLNESS NR222 RUA Health Promotion Project Guidelines.docx Revised 06/2016 psb 2 PREPARING THE ASSIGNMENT 1. Writing the Paper: You will explore the topic and explain the information in writing a 3‐4 page APA formatted paper. a. Select a minimum of three (3) scholarly nursing or research article (published within the last 5 years) related to your topic that include health promotion and wellness content. Studentsin a cultural concentration will select at least one article specifically related to the cultural focus for this assignment. You may need to evaluate several articles before you find appropriate selections. For more information on how to choose a scholarly article, open the “Course Resources” tab under the “Course Home” Menu to the left of your Learning Studio (eCollege) course page and open “What Is a Scholarly Source.” b. Write a 3‐4 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) using the following guidelines:  Write brief introduction of the topic and describe why it is important to health promotion in the specific cultural population in your area.  Include a description of the topic and the targeted sub culture or population (include statistics).  Explain how the project relates to the Healthy People 2020 topic area you have chosen.  Summarize the articles; include key points or findings from the articles.  Discuss how you used the information from the articles for your Health Promotion Project. Provide specific examples.  Describe the approach/approaches you developed to educate the target population about the topic. Include specific ways to promote lifestyle changes within the specified population relative to your specific culture. The approach should be appropriate for your cultural concentration.  Write your conclusion and summary. c. Your paper must follow APA format. Include a title page and a reference page. Use 12‐point Times New Roman font and include in‐text citations (use citations whenever paraphrasing, using statistics, or quoting from the article). Please refer to your APA manual as a guide for in‐text citations and sample reference pages. d. Use TurnItIn in time to make any edits that might be necessary based on the Similarity Index prior to submitting your paper to your instructor. Consult with your instructor about the acceptable Similarity Index for this paper


W6 Assignment “Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards”

Strategies for Decision Making

Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards

For our assignment this week, you may choose either Option A or Option B. Regardless of the option you choose, be sure to read through the entire assignment directions before crafting your essay.

Additionally, use the Week Six Assignment Organization Guide to help you organize your paper.

HU260 W6 Assignment Organization Guide

Option A

Using the Eight Elements of Reasoning that were outlined in week two (purpose, problem, information, concepts, assumptions, inferences, points of view, implications, or consequences) choose a news article and break it down according to those elements. Make sure you address each of these elements. If one of these elements does not apply to your article (rare), address that in your essay and explain how the article could have been improved by including it or how the author is justified in leaving it out.

Option B

Describe how each of the Eight Intellectual Standards (clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness) were used or not used in the article, supported by an example. If one of these standards does not apply to your article (rare), address that in your essay and explain how the article could have been improved by including it or how the author is justified in leaving it out.

For either option you choose:

Write an introduction identifying the reasons for choosing either Option A or Option B and justify your reasoning.

In the conclusion of your essay, describe how you feel the article is biased.

Keep in mind, for either option you are being asked to analyze the article/author itself/himself/herself, NOT the topic discussed. Do not include your own opinion/position on the topic being addressed.

Your completed assignment should be 500-750 words in length. If you use sources in your writing, be sure to identify them. If you use any direct language from a source, be sure to place those words in quotation marks.


Hi Richard,

One of Hawthorne’s favorite character types in his stories is the creator figure. Choose TWO creator figures from different Hawthorne stories and compare the nature of their creative abilities. What do they create and why? What are the consequences of their creations? Is there a moral dimension to their creative act(s)? 1500 words

The two creators that I want to write about are from the stories Feathertop and Artist of the Beautiful by nathaniel hawthorne. Heres a link where you can find these two short stories :Google Play


TASK/ASSIGNMENT: Write your own obituary of about 300 words. There are Samples from the newspaper are attached (see the file attached). An obituary is a newspaper story written when a person dies. A funeral home or relatives inform the newspaper of the death and supply facts about a person’s life. A journalist then writes up a short account of the deceased person’s life. Obituaries (Obits) have a matter-of-fact tone although they often recount a person’s achievements and sometimes a person’s beliefs. You are to decide when your death will occur and what you will have done to that point.

For example.. Im now a student and my major is accounting (22 years old).. and I’m going to graduate in 2018 .. and my goals is to be a very successful women, having my own business, being a millionaire and very well known from my work.

so, lets say its now 2047 and I I died at the age of 52 .. write an imaginary achievements and good things I would’ve done at this time in my obituary.

It should be from 250-300 words (Just one page)


Final Paper

For the Final Paper, you will select one topic from the list below. You will want to choose a topic that is important or interesting to you.

Instructions for completing the Final Paper:

  • Please select from one of the following topics, which are addressed in the course textbook, Introduction to Computer Literacy:
    • Collaborative Technologies (covered in Chapter 1)
    • Ethical Concerns in Computing (covered in Chapter 1)
    • The Digital Divide (covered in Chapter 1)
    • Open Source Software (covered in Chapter 3)
    • The Impact of Mobile Computing (covered in Chapter 4)
    • Social Networks (covered in Chapter 7)
    • Protecting Copyrights and Intellectual Property (covered in Chapter 8)
    • The Future of Cloud Computing (covered in Chapter 9)
  • Return to the textbookand review the pages in the chapter that pertain to your selected topic.
  • Next, log in to the Ashford University Library and conduct a search on that topic.
    • The INF103 tutorial will walk you through the basic steps of doing a search for scholarly articles within the Ashford University Library. A transcript of this video can be accessed through your online course.
  • Select two scholarly articles to use in your paper. For each article, write down the author information, date of publication, title of the article, the publication information (journal title), and the database from which you retrieved the article. You will need this information when you create your references for the sources.
  • Begin the writing process. You are going to compare the points of view offered by these authors (the author of your textbook and the authors of the two articles you have selected) on your selected topic, and then offer your own point of view based upon your analysis of the readings.
    • The Ashford Writing Center (AWC) offers assistance with the writing process. The AWC contains many tutorials and offers online guides for how to develop an academic paper. Click on the Writing Center link under “Learning Resources” in the left navigation of this course to visit the AWC.

Criteria for Grading
You will be graded on how well your paper meets the following criteria:

  • How clearly you demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen topic.
  • Frequent and appropriate use of examples from the textbook and selected articles to support your points.
  • Appropriate inclusion of relevant quotes from the discussion forum activities.
  • At least one paragraph for each of your three sources (the textbook and two scholarly articles) that includes an accurate summary of the points made by the author(s).
  • At least one paragraph for each of your three sources showing your thoughtful analysis of the point of view introduced by the authors.
  • At least two paragraphs illustrating how the authors of those three sources agree or disagree with one another about the topic.
  • At least two paragraphs that reflect your own point of view and provide a conclusion about your chosen topic.

The way your paper looks is also important to this assignment.

  • Complete your assignment using Microsoft Word.
  • Include a proper title page.
  • Use correct APA formatting for an academic paper (see the Ashford Writing Center tutorial).
  • Use proper citation style for all quotes.
  • Your paper must be between five to seven pages long (excluding title and references pages).
  • Make sure to review your paper for grammar and use the Spell Check function in Microsoft Word before submitting your work.



1.IT News Commentary Research. Identify a recent IT news item of interest (e.g., article, issue, report, or event) to serve as the focus for your IT news commentary. Your IT news item must be recent in occurrence and address an information systems (IS) related technology topic of direct relevance to course content.[1]. Conduct supporting research to synthesize a sound understanding of the selected news item and IT topic(s) to which it relates. Supporting research may be conducted using print, media, and/or online sources. Note: Research must include a minimum of 3 distinct outside sources.

2.IT News Commentary Write-Up. Prepare a concise write-up (1-2 pages including written responses, illustrations, references). Your write-up must include:

a.The title and original source of the IT news item.

b.An explanation of the IT topics(s) (e.g., background/concepts/technologies) to which the IT news item relates (1 paragraph)

c.An explanation of the key point(s) of the IT news item (1 paragraph).

d.A commentary on the relevance of the IT news item to course content[2] and the value of the knowledge you acquired while completing this assignment[3] (1 paragraph).

e.A reference section containing a minimum of 3 distinct outside sources (e.g., articles, news reports, websites) used to support your IT news commentary.[4]


  •  Is it wise to unplug for a summer? A current topic being explored by some parents is going unplugged for a summer, meaning eliminating the use of all or many parts of technology, such as computers, televisions, etc., for the summer months. Is this a good idea given the over-dependence on technology? Alternatively, is it a poor decision given the many benefits of technology?
  • Your five-paragraph essay should be written in the following format:

    Intro paragraph: Remember that the parts of an intro paragraph include a hook, preview of upcoming points, and end with thesis statement in this order. 

    Three body paragraphs: Each should have a topic sentence, supporting details that support your thesis statement, and a conclusion sentence.

    Conclusion paragraph: Each conclusion paragraph should begin with one’s rephrased thesis statement. Next, summarize the main points. Finally, leave the reader with something to ponder or a call to action. Be sure to utilize proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Additionally, avoid first and second   person language. First and second language includes the following word forms: I, me, my, we, our, us, you, your, yourselves, etc.

  • Create a clear and appropriate concluding paragraph on the topic:
  • the conclusion paragraph should be at least five to seven sentences in length.
  • Your concluding paragraph should begin with a rephrased thesis statement based on your original thesis statement from your introductory paragraph.
  • Use the rest of the conclusion to summarize briefly the information in your paper.
  • You also should include a call to action or leaving your audience with a thought to ponder in your last sentence as he or she considers the claims you presented in your essay.


Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

1. Mucor is a mold found in soil, plants, manure, decaying fruits, vegetables and as a common contaminant of stored and processed food in the kitchen.( Mold and bacteria consulting laboratories). Mucormycosis is a serous but rear fungal infection caused by a group of mold called mucormycetes.( CDC). According to CDC, there are five clinical forms of mucormycosis but the most common one is Rhinocerebra mycormycosis which occur mostly in diabetic patient, nutropenic cancer patients and hematopoietic stem cell transplant or solid organ transplant recipients and pulmonary mycormycosis.

Similarly, other things that can put people at risk of developing mycormycosis according to CDC are prolonged corticosteroid therapy; skin trauma, burns, or surgical wounds; iron overload; intravenous drug use; malnourishment and premature infants.

Patients is likely to get infected with mucor “through inhalation, inoculation, or ingestion of spores from the environment.”(CDC).

When the spore is inhaled, it travel tthrough the alveoli and bronchioles of the lungs causing inflammation and pneumonia with clinical manifestation of fever, cough, chest pain and dyspnea.

Furthermore, medical treatment is with antifungal medication usually, Amphotericin B, Posaconazole or Isavuconazole. Surgery may also be required to cut affected tissue (CDC). Nursing intervention that will be helpful to patient include monitoring of vital signs and laboratory result adminitration of oxygen when needed, and keeping accurate record of intake and output.

2. llaboratory result The white blood count (WBC) is high 15,200 this shows that patient have infection secondary to inhalation of mucor which may have spread inside the body causing infection. Arterial blood gas is abnormal with high PH 7.50 , PaC02 is 25 and PaCO3 25. The three ABG shows alkalosis. The patient has respiratory alkalosis secondary to hyperventilation. Patient SPO 59 room air is low , oxygen should be given to increase the level and enhance respiration.

3. Medication and medical treatment.

Three mdications for the treatment of mycormycosis are;

Amphotericin B, Posaconazole or Isavuconazole (CDC). These medication attack the structure of and function of fungal cells.They inhibit the DNA synthesis of fungus there by preventing from spreading. Amphotericin binds fungal cell membrane and leaking cellular content. Surgery may also be required to cut away the affected tissue (CDC).

Finally, controlling immunocompromising condition should be attempted (CDC).


Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Information for healthcare professionals about mycormycosis. Retrieved from.