Strategic Management 2023 Business Finance

2023 1 For a strategic capability in an organisation to provide competitive advantages it should meet four criteria


1. For a strategic capability in an organisation to provide competitive advantages, it should meet four criteria. Describe these four criteria and provide example(s) to support your argument. Explain how such strategic capabilities can be identified. 

2. Stakeholder mapping is a useful technique for stakeholder management. Describe the process of stakeholder mapping and explain how its outcomes can help in understanding the political priorities in managing its relationships with stakeholders.

3. Describe the concept of corporate social responsibility and four possible corporate stances on social responsibility. For each stance, explain its rationale, leadership and stakeholder relationship required for each of these four stances.

4. Describe the concepts of organisational culture and cultural web. Explain how organisational culture and cultural web can influence its strategic management. Give example to support your argument.

5. Describe the advantage of integrating cost leadership and differentiation strategies and the risks involved in implementing such strategies.

6. Singapore Airline has implemented its differentiation strategy since its establishment. In doing so, it has offered a high quality of customer services, maintained a very good safety record, and procured new aircrafts, including Airbus 380. At the same time, it attempts to reduce its overall costs through lowering its back-office costs and administrative overhead.  Do you think these activities are contradictory or complementary in implementing Singapore Airline’s differentiation strategy?  Why?  (Hint: You can address these issues based on your understanding of the concept of value, value chain analysis, and business strategy).

7. There are three major types of corporate parenting role played by the corporate headquarters to add value. Explain these three corporate parenting roles and discuss their logic, strategic requirements and organisational requirements. Can more than one rationale co-exist in a particular corporation?

8. Describe the corporate rationales of synergy manager and parental developer, and compare and contrast them in terms of their logic, strategic requirements, and organisational requirements. What are the major potential problems in using these two rationales? Provide example to support your arguments.

9. Describe the four types of international strategies. Discuss the benefits and limitations of each type of these international strategies.  Give examples to support your arguments.

10. Describe the three SAFe criteria for strategy evaluation. What key issues does the suitability address?  How the suitability of a strategy can be evaluated?  Provide example to show your understanding of the suitability evaluation process.

11. Describe the major differences in managing a “reconstruction” and an “evolutionary” strategic change.  What leadership style is appropriate for each of these two changes? Why?

12. Strategic control, financial control, and strategic planning are three ways of dividing responsibilities between corporate centre and its business units. Discuss these three ways and contrast them.

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