Case ! 2023 Business & Finance

2023 1 Identify and discuss the ethical dilemma faced by CEO of Carnival Arnold Donald Apply and discuss Donald s situation


1) Identify and discuss the ethical dilemma faced by CEO of Carnival Arnold Donald. Apply and discuss Donald’s situation following Ferrell & Gresham’s Contingency Framework focusing on the 3 variables impacting ethical decision making. 

2) Identify the sustainability dilemma and discuss the sustainability implications faced by Donald.

3) Stakeholders are directly or indirectly affected by an organization’s actions. Provide 3 specific stakeholders affected by the situation and briefly explain the effect(s).

4) Discuss the challenges in addressing the ethical dilemma faced by Donald by identifying at least 2 key issues and their subsequent implications/ramifications. 

5) If you were Donald, how would you have responded to the ethical dilemma? 

6) If you were part of Carnival’s top management, how would you implement a solution to respond to the ethical dilemma?

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