Bit coin 2023 Business & Finance

2023 1 Should John Brown buy bitcoin or any other digital currency Why or why not Should he consider

1.  Should John Brown buy bitcoin or any other digital currency? Why or why not? Should he consider a short position instead? Is bitcoin along-term investment asset or a short-term trade?

2.  Is Bitcoin an asset, a commodity, or currency? Does it matter? How does one buy bitcoins?How are they created?Why were they created in the first place? What are they used for?

3.  How is bitcoin separate from blockchain?

4.  Why has the price of bitcoin increased over 500% in such a short amount of time? What factors may be behind its sharp rise in price? What are potential risks of buying bitcoin at this time?

1.  What is the regulatory response thus far regarding bitcoin? How should Brown factor in potential regulation into his investment thesis?

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