acct questions 2023 Business Finance

2023 1 Utilizing information from the case and the steps below complete the attached Residual Value

1. Utilizing information from the case and the steps below, complete the attached Residual Value Valuation Excel Model. Only input data in the bright yellow cells. All other cells are formula driven.

  • Forecast sales based on the sales growth forecast assumption.
  • Derive the “Net Operating Asset” side of the balance sheet.
  • Assign the value for the net total assets to net capital, and then partition net capital to net debt and equity.
  • Derive forecasted net income.
  • Derive residual income.
  • Discount the forecasted residual income or terminal value.
  • Repeat the first 6 steps for all forecast years and terminal year calculation.
  • Aggregate the forecast components to derive the value of the firm.

2. Examine the model and answer the following question: What key assumptions are we making in this process? Among several, consider summary versus detailed forecasting, the chosen horizon, and implicit financing assumptions.

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