Multiple Questions Answers 2023 Business Finance

2023 1 Your Windows 8 computer is DHCP enabled You want to find out what the IP address

1. Your Windows 8 computer is DHCP enabled. You want to find out what the IP address is for it. How do you do this?
A. Type IP /? at a command prompt.
B. Type IPCONFIG at a command prompt.
C. Look at the manual settings of the Network Interface Card.
D. Type DHCP at a command prompt.

2. What type of device would not require the use of Putty to terminal into it for management purposes?
A. Router
B. Switch
C. Server
D. Hub

3. Wendy calls the help desk and reports that she is unable to access her files that are stored on the server. The network is a Windows Domain with Active Directory. Wendy is logged on locally to her workstation that runs Windows 8. You remote into her machine and you can ping the file server. What is most likely the problem?
A. She is being denied access to the files on the domain server.
B. The NIC on her workstation is failing to do ARP requests.
C. The switch her workstation is connected to isn’t working.
D. Windows 8 cannot be a member of a Windows domain.

4. You are unpacking and setting up workstations for a local school system. The school system has given you cables to connect the computers to the network once they are set up in the classrooms. You connect one end of the cables into the built-in NIC cards. What will you plug the other end into?
A. A router
B. The MDF
C. The IDF
D. A drop

5. You are studying at the library and someone at your table has some great study material. Both of you have an iPad with you. You decide to network your computers together to exchange files. What type of network have the two of you created?
A. Client/server
B. HomeGroup
C. Apple Domain
D. Ad-hoc

6. You boot up a computer that has had network issues and immediately look at its ARP cache to see what MAC addresses it has resolved recently. You find out that the cache has very few addresses in it. How could this be?
A. The ARP cache was cleared when the computer was shut down.
B. The ARP cache is cleared every 15 minutes by default.
C. The HTTP protocol has become corrupted.
D. The computer has a virus attacking the ARP cache.

7. You recently implemented a VDI solution for your company network. Yesterday your users logged on for the first time. Today they are calling the help desk, complaining that their Internet favorites and desktop shortcuts didn’t save from yesterday. Why is this?
A. They are using a persistent desktop.
B. They are using a non-persistent desktop.
C. They are using a dumb terminal.
D. They are using a proxy VDI desktop.

8. You have just recently been hired as a consultant for a local company. The company has a domain with Active Directory. You are at a workstation and you want to see whether the computer is a member of the domain. Which of the selections below will allow you to do this?
A. Look in the Notifications area on the taskbar.
B. Type “domain /?” at a command prompt.
C. Look in the Computer Management screen.
D. Look in the System Properties.

9. Port 25 is currently closed on your firewall. What does this mean?
A. Computers can’t get the correct time.
B. Users can’t telnet outside of the network.
C. Users can’t RDP outside of the network.
D. Users can’t send email outside of the network.

10. Which protocol below is used by email clients to send email?

11. You recently purchased a brand new firewall for your network. Which port do you need to open in order to allow users to access the Internet?
A. 22
B. 53
C. 80
D. 3389
12. Your boss tells you that he wants you to upgrade the network to a Domain. What type of server will you need to create in order to accomplish this?
A. A DNS Server
B. A Domain Controller
C. A Proxy Server
D. An Ad-hoc server

13. Some of the users in one part of the building can’t pull up your company’s intranet site in their browsers. The site comes up on your machine. You remote into their machines and attempt to PING the server that hosts the site and it fails. This is an example of a:
A. software problem.
B. driver problem.
C. connectivity problem.
D. HTML problem.

14. You want to browse various job postings on the Internet from your employer’s network. How can you browse these sites without creating a history within the web browser and ISP that your boss might be able to view?
A. Turn on “Enable Protected Mode” within the browser.
B. Use a public proxy site when surfing these ads.
C. Use a public DNS server when surfing these ads.
D. Issue a recursive DNS query before visiting the websites.

15. Which of the applications below is designed to help a user bypass enforced web-filtering policies?
A. Ultrasurf
B. Opera
D. WordPress

16. Which web browser integrates directly with the Windows OS control panel to assign your default applications to designated file types?
A. Opera
B. Safari
C. Firefox
D. Internet Explorer



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