Balance Sheet 2023 Business Finance

2023 15 Multiple statements The following are account balances as of September 30 20X1 for Exton Outpatient Center Prepare a a

15. Multiple statements: The following are account balances as of September 30, 20X1, for Exton Outpatient Center. Prepare (a) a balance sheet, (b) a statement of operations, and (c) a statement of changes in net assets for September 30, 20X1.



Insurance expense



Depreciation expense





General expense


Patient revenues (net of contractuals )



Transfer to parent corporation


Net accounts receivable



Beginning balance, unrestricted net assets


Ending balance, temporarily restricted net assets



Accounts payable


Wages payable



Beginning balance, temporarily restricted net assets


Prepaid expenses



Provision for bad debts


Long-term debt



Labor expense


Supply expense



Accumulated depreciation


Gross plant, property, and equipment



Ending / beginning balance, permanently restricted net assets


Net assets released from temporary restriction



Ending balance, unrestricted net assets





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