Analyze Contemporary Views of Leadership Presentation 8-10 slides, minimum of six peer-reviewed articles, journals, and scholarly literature located in the University Library and cited on your slides. 2023 Business Finance

2023 A lot of resources are added for you Select three contemporary leadership models

A lot of resources are added for you!

Select three contemporary leadership models – one from each column below. Though you can start with the Wren chapters and ERR articles, you will need to read more broadly about each theory you choose.

Wren text:

ERR – in the readings under Emerging paradigms:

ERR – in the readings under Non-dominant paradigms:

In the Chemers chapter:






Social network approach

Indigenous leadership

In the Burns and Couto chapters:




Feminist principles

In the Nadler/Tuschman chapter:



Leadership in knowledge management

Harmonious leadership

Kotter chapter

CDE model

ERR –  in the readings under Traditional paradigms:

Relational leadership


Emotional intelligence





As you begin your analysis of contemporary leadership, and similar to Week 2, you will develop an analytical framework containing three theories and three to five processes or categories to use to understand the theories. You may use leader/follower relationship as one of the processes.

Then, similar to Week 3, you will analyze the models for similarities, differences, sequencing, arrangement, gaps (areas none of the models address), etc. Remember, the framework by itself does not constitute analysis – you must apply your critical thinking to the content of the framework! J 

Create an 8- to 14-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of the information described above using these design criteria:

  • Four to six bullet points per slide,
  • Six to eight words per bullet – not full sentences,
  • Each bullet point containing an assertion should also have a citation to literature,
  • Speaker notes in full sentences contain an expanded version of bullets on slides and also have citations as necessary, and
  • Reference slide with a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles, journals, and scholarly literature located in the University Library and cited on your slides

*Additional Readings you can you!


Emerging Leadership Paradigms


Non-Dominant Leadership Paradigms


Traditional Leadership Paradigms


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