2 New Write-ups related to Business Strategic Management 2023 Business Finance

2023 A News Write Up is a short min 600 words description of a current event no

A News Write-Up is a short (min. 600 words) description of a current event (no more than 6-month old). News write-ups should be submitted (at a time of your choosing) before the end of the semester. It should contain the following:

  1. Very brief description of the event (150 to 200 words)
  2. Its connection to a specific strategic management issue (250 to 300 words)
  3. How can others benefit and/or learn from it (200 to 250 words )
  4. Provide the source of the article and/or its Internet line
  5. Each of the above sections must be shown as a bolded title with the text below it.

2 write-ups required.


Option topics please see attached.

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