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2023 According to opioids case Controlled drugs with their potential for misuse and diversion

According to opioids case, Controlled drugs with their potential for misuse and diversion, can pose public health risks that are different from those of uncontrolled medications when they are overpromoted and highly prescribed. Sales went from $48 million in 1996 to almost $1.1 billion in 2000. OxyContin’s high availability correlated with increased abuse, diversion, and addiction, and by 2004 OxyContin had become a leading drug of violence in the United States (Kinicki, 2021, pg. 293).

Applying 3 step Problem-solving approach, Assuming I am the CEO and chair of the board of directors for ­Purdue, I see the promotion and marketing of oxycontin and misrepresentation of the risk of addiction as problems. Purdue’s marketing efforts were aggressive and effective. In 2001 alone, Purdue has spent $200 million on promoting the use of opioids and OxyContin. Of course, the goal was to educate and boost prescriptions (Kinicki, 2021, pg. 293). A profitable bonus system helped sales representatives increase sales of OxyContin in their regions, ending in a high number of visits to physicians with high rates of opioid prescriptions and a multifaceted information drive aimed at them. A constant feature in the promotion and marketing of OxyContin was a well-organized effort to minimize the risk of addiction in the use of opioids to treat chronic non–cancer-related pain.

In all of its promotional campaigns, Purdue claimed that the risk of addiction from OxyContin was minimal. One of Purdue’s marketing plan’s cornerstones was the use of sophisticated marketing data to influence physicians’ prescribing. I see the executives and Richard Sackler himself as the leading minds or culprits behind this problem of promoting OxyContin and misrepresentation of addiction. Amid the growing evidence of abuse in the early 2000s, Richard Sackler, then chairman and president of Purdue, fought back, advising the company and its representatives to push the blame on addicts themselves and said, “We have to hammer on abusers in every way possible. They are the culprits in the problem. They are reckless criminals.” Being the president of the company, she showed no compassion, humility towards his customers instead pushed all the blame on them by showing them as culprits in the problem while he is making all the money. 

As the CEO, I recommend stopping OxyContin’s promotion and educating our customers about future risks of addiction. I will be implementing restorative justice by giving all parties a chance to express their thoughts and feelings. In turn, this leads to healing who got hurt, thereby providing solutions focusing on the greater good. I will be a virtuous leader and promote trust by ensuring my words match actions and treating people with respect and dignity. I will make sure that Sacklers will face personal repercussions by making them one of the main culprits for approximately 400,000 people who died from opioid overdoses between 1999 and 2017 and make them pay a massive amount of fine and stop selling the product in countries with no controls on such medications.  I will push our physicians to reformulate the drug and come up with something that will not affect customers to get addicted and push doctors to prescribe it. Instead of promoting or downplaying the risks of addiction, I will make sure we bring awareness of the risk of addiction with OxyContin.

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