wk-12 2023 Business Finance

2023 After reading chapter 11 attached textbook and the below 3 links answer question 1 https managementconsulted com about dictionary https www forbes com sites brettarends 2014 06 08 how to speak mckinsey 15 key phrases to pass yourself off as a top management consultant sh 3fd7cbde6896 https www themuse com advice do you speak consultantese 20 buzzwords to know now Question 1 Search TedTalks

After reading chapter-11(attached textbook) and the below 3 links answer question-1. 





Search TedTalks, YouTube or similar video platforms and locate a speaker who is using jargon, misusing words or presenting the information in an ambiguous way that it is impeding their ability to communicate their intended message. Post a link to the video and explain what the speaker is doing which is distracting from the effective delivery of their message. Explain what he/she should change to make the presentation more effective.


After watching video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY5hMMjiN6k) and based on under understanding from chapter  

What are your top three take aways from his talk? Explain how this information will affect how you listen to others who you disagree with.  

Answer should be own words and strictly no plagiarism 

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