Warehouse Management 2023 Business Finance

2023 Answer ANY four 4 questions 100 marks 1 A warehouse is a temporary place to store inventory which acts as

Answer ANY four (4) questions (100 marks)

1. A warehouse is a temporary place to store inventory which acts as a buffer in
a supply chain. With an aid of an example illustrate the role of a warehouse
for the following companies/organisations;

a) Mydin
b) Perodua
c) Follow Me Shampoo
d) Penang Port
e) Hankyu Hanshin Express
[25 marks]

2. Examine the types of operations and activities at the following organisation’s
a) DB Schenker Penang
b) FedEx Penang
c) MAS Kargo KLIA
d) Lazada Malaysia
e) Port of Tanjung Pelelas
[25 marks]

3. You are the Operations Manager for a local manufacturing company and is
assigned to present to the top management a warehouse to accommodate
the expansion for the business in Penang. Justify the factors that will
influence your decision when selecting the location.
[25 marks]

4. The company has asked your input during the recent meeting for the
expansion of the existing warehouse facility into a new facility. Indicate the
important parts and appearance to meet the needs in your proposal design
for the company.
[25 marks]

5. Explain the warehouse operating principles for DHL Malaysia in the following
a) Work Process
b) Equipment
[25 marks]


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