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2023 Application The Role of Control in the Management Planning Process Toshiba

Application – The Role of Control in the Management Planning Process

Toshiba Adopts Six Sigma case is an example of a company recognizing that it is out of control and adversely affecting performance and profits.  They recognized that a new, fresh leader was needed to redirect efforts.  They chose someone who was adaptable and willing to change, and, just as important, was open to technological innovations and unafraid to introduce and employ them. They opened the appropriate computer systems to suppliers in an effort to streamline and control materials purchasing.  They actually “partnered” with their suppliers and ask for and listened to supplier suggestions.


  1. Read the Experiential Learning case study Toshiba Adopts Six Sigma on page 574.
  2. Answer the following questions:
    • Were the controls feedforward, concurrent, feedback?
    • What was the main focus of the controls Toshiba established?
    • How did Toshiba monitor the new controls?
  3. Use a Word document to formulate your outline.  Submit your document as an rtf file using the Assignment link.


This assignment is worth 20 points toward your course grade. I will grade this assignment on the basis of how well you fulfill the assigned questions, how well you show that you understand the chapter terms and ideas, and your consideration of additional perspectives (including your own).  Refer to the following table to understand how this assignment will be graded:

Required Response

  • Completed all tasks, answered all questions
  • Wrote substantive responses of 1 or 2 paragraphs (6 – 8 sentences) for each question
12 points

Use of Terms and Ideas Learned; Consideration of different perspectives

  • Used terms and ideas from readings correctly to clarify, explain, or support an argument
  • When possible, used additional sources to discuss other perspectives related to issue
  • When possible, used knowledge from personal experience to further support statements
8 points


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