MGTCB/526 Competency 2 -Assessment 2023 Business Finance

2023 As a recent hire you d like to become familiar with the current

As a recent hire, you’d like to become familiar with the current organizational structure in your company. This organizational chart (org chart) has not yet been created, so you decide to make your own. Create an org chart of your company. This high-level information is typically found on the company’s website or other websites about the organization. The org chart should include key leadership and level of responsibility. If the information is not public, base your decisions on a similar organization and research. You may use any Microsoft® program or web-based program. Write a 1000- to 1200- word proposal to the company, of your plan to align the operational needs with business strategies based on your analysis. Complete the following in your proposal: • Explain in 350-words the structure of your org chart. o Discuss the type of hierarchy and related details of each role. o Assess how each role in the organizational chart is related to the other areas within the organization. • Analyze of the company based on Porter’s Five Forces. • Analyze the effectiveness of the leadership model the company is currently using. • Consider the current leadership style or styles in place at the company. • Determine the effectiveness of the leadership style/s and whether an alternative style/s would be more impactful. • Assess how to determine effective leadership. What makes a leader effective or ineffective? • Consider sources of managerial power when leaders are effective. • Provide a recommendation for the following actions: o Leadership model changes not reflected in the current organizational chart (Part 1) o 2- to 3- actions needed to align operational needs with business strategies previously identified Include the organizational chart with your proposal. Submit your proposal

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