Mircoeconomics 2302 – Assessment Quiz 3 2023 Business Finance

2023 Assessment Lesson 3 Quiz Question 1 6063111 Supply is provided by and demand is created by consumers Correct answer s

Assessment: Lesson 3 Quiz
Question 1 (6063111): Supply is provided by ____________ and demand is created by consumers.
Correct answer(s):  government
Federal Reserve
Question 2 (6063122): When price decreases the quantity demanded by consumers __________ if all other influences remain the same.
Correct answer(s):  increases
stays the same
all the above
Question 3 (6063142): If consumers think that prices would go down in the future, they will __________ their present demand.
Correct answer(s):  decrease
not change
none of the above
Question 4 (6063136): If people decide to purchase less at every price level, __________ (shift left) will result.
Correct answer(s):  an increase in quantity demanded
a decrease in quantity demanded
an increase in demand
decrease in demand
Question 5 (6063120): “Demand” is a series of prices and the related quantities that consumers are willing and able to buy at a particular _____________.
Correct answer(s):  north east corner of the street
moment in time
government outlet
Federal Reserve meeting
Question 6 (6063125): The result of a change in Quantity Demanded as ________ change is shown by a movement along the demand line.
Correct answer(s):  tastes or preferences (utility patterns)
Question 7 (6063114): When a consumer purchases a product, a(n) _________ is created for this item to be re-stocked by the merchant.
Correct answer(s):  demand
Question 8 (6063145): __________ is the only variable which will increase the amount brought to the market (quantity supplied) if all other variables remain the same.
Correct answer(s):  Technology
A decrease in resource costs
An increase in the price of the product
A decrease in the price of the product
Question 9 (6063138): When two goods are complementary goods, a change in the price of one will cause a change in the demand for the other in the ________ direction.
Correct answer(s):  opposite
Question 10 (6063147): An illustration of an increase in the supply schedule is shown below with a change from S1 to S2.
This shift could be caused by ___________________.
Correct answer(s):  an increase in resource costs
an increase technology
an increase in price of the product
an increase in taxes on the producers
Question 11 (6063124): As a person continues to consume more of an item, ________  s/he will get less additional satisfaction (utility).
Correct answer(s):  on the third unit
on the fourth unit
on the fifth unit
at some point
Question 12 (6063132): In the table below, for every price that the D#1 increases, the Quantity Demanded indicates _______ more sales than the original demand schedule D.
Correct answer(s):  2
Question 13 (6063157): The market clearing price where the quantity demanded by consumers equals the ____________ by producers.
Correct answer(s):  quantity supplied
either a. or b.
all the above
Question 14 (6063153): An increase in the price of the product will change the supply line (shift ________).
Correct answer(s):  upward
none of the above
Question 15 (6063154): If increased taxes are imposed on producers, ___________ products will be provided in the market at each price (shift left).
Correct answer(s):  fewer
the same amount of
none of the above


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