BU47S : Strategic Management 2023 Business Finance

2023 BU47S Strategic Management Question 1 As part of its training most military academies teach the Nine

BU47S : Strategic Management

Question 1

 As part of its training, most military academies teach the:

Nine Principles of War.

Seven Principles of Success.

Five Keys to Effectiveness.

Eight Steps to Efficiency.

Question 2

Which of the following is not a characteristic of strategic management that makes it different from other types of management?

It is interdisciplinary.

It has an external focus.

It has an internal focus.

It concerns the present direction of the organization.

Question 3

Imitability of a resource can occur through:




duplication and substitution.

Question 4

The traditional view of social responsibility states that:

corporations should exist only to represent the stockholders.

corporations must represent all stakeholder groups.

corporations should operate on the basis of their suppliers’ interests.

corporations function as a measure of consumer behavior.

Question 5

The various studies of organizational environments can be summarized from the following perspective(s):

environment as a source of information.

environment as a source of resources.

environment as a source of power.

environment as a source of information and of resources.

Question 6

Why is an internal analysis important?

It is the only way to assess an organization’s competitive environment.

It is needed for making good strategic decisions.

It establishes organizational goals and objectives.

It assists in product positioning.

Question 7

In Mintzberg’s typology, ________ is a way to differentiate.





Question 8

A more dramatic response to a failing organization may be:

a joint venture strategy.

a turnaround strategy.

a vertical integration strategy.

a long-term contract.

Question 9

________ refers to the values and attitudes shared by individuals from a specific country that shape their behavior and their beliefs about what is important.

National culture

National values

International value systems

Global culture

Question 10

Public sector organizations are most affected by ________ constraints.





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