MGT-455 Module 2 Chapter 3 Problem Set 2023 Business Finance

2023 Chapter 3 Problem Set Details Complete problems 3 11 and 3 17 parts c d e


Chapter 3 Problem Set




Complete problems 3.11 and 3.17 (parts c, d, e, and f) in the textbook.


Submit one Excel file. Put each problem result on a separate sheet in your file. 

3.11 Dave Fletcher (see Problem 3.10) was able to determine   
the activity times for constructing his laser scanning   
machine. Fletcher would like to determine ES, EF, LS, LF, and   
slack for each activity. The total project completion time and   
the critical path should also be determined. Here are the activity   
A  6 E 4
B 7 F 6
C 3 G 10
D 2 H 7


3.17 Bill Fennema, president of Fennema Hospitality, has    
developed the tasks, durations, and predecessor relationships in    
the following table for building new motels. Draw the AON network    
and answer the questions that follow. 
A   4 8 10
B A 2 8 24
C A 8 12 16
D A 4 6 10
E B 1 2 3
F E, C 6 8 20
G E, C  2 3 4
H F 2 2 2
I F 6 6 6
J D, G, H  4 6 12
K I, J 2 2 3
c) Based on the calculation of estimated times, what is the critical path?
d) What is the estimated time of the critical path?
e) What is the activity variance along the critical path?
f) What is the probability of completion of the project before week 36? PX

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