Assignment 2023 Business Finance

2023 Course Objectives Prepare a scholarly reflection paper describing the artifacts in the portfolio and


Course Objectives:

· Prepare a scholarly reflection paper describing the artifacts in the portfolio and how they demonstrate skills, knowledge, real-world application, and mastery of the program objectives.

· Explain professional growth attained during the master’s program or explain your professional skills to a potential employer.


Write a reflection paper that:

· Reflects on your professional growth during the master’s program– 

o What were your strengths at the beginning of the program and how did you leverage them to succeed? (List at least 3)

o What were your weaknesses when you started the program (List at least 3) 

§ How did you address them?

§ Are they still weaknesses?

§ What additional professional development can you do to continue growing in these areas?

· Describes each of your artifacts presented in your profile, the associated skills demonstrated, and how those skills would be beneficial to the employer.


Write a 2,100-2,800 word APA formatted paper.

The document should include:    

· Title Page

· Introduction

· Self-Assessment

· Personal Development Plan

· Reflection on the Course (what should we stop doing, what should we continue doing, and what should we start doing?

· Conclusion

· References 7 or more references using APA format

Grading Rubric:
Please review the rubric provided for details on how this assignment will be evaluated.

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