Case Analysis: Prescription Price Gouging (4 pages) 2023 Business Finance

2023 Develop a 4 page analysis double spaced Directions Develop an analysis of the Prescription Price Gouging case study


Develop a 4 page analysis (double spaced)

Directions:  Develop an analysis of the Prescription Price Gouging case study located in this module.  As part of your analysis, be sure to address the following (Note: There is no need to concern yourself with any discussion questions that may be in the case):

*          Clearly and effectively apply the concepts from this weeks chapter on “Ethics, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and strategy” to the case

*          Apply the strategic analysis text tools (i.e. see potential list provided)

*          Perform real analysis on the case (tables/charts/financial analysis)

*          Charts and tables need to be professionally assembled with effective titles and labels

*          Avoid retelling the case and assume the professor has read it

*          Provide a set of clear and specific recommendations to move the organization forward.

*          12 pt font, times roman, title page, no headers or footers

*          Avoid cut-and-paste of charts, pictures from another source (your own creative work is needed).

*          Is well organized with section titles

*          Strategic management terms need to be used to support your thoughtful ideas.

*          Avoid a conversational/first person tone in an analysis

Select at least three of the following Strategic Analysis Tools. Be sure that the focus of your analysis is on the following strategic analysis tools.  In addition, please make these some of your papers section titles.  

Vision/mission/core values/objectives development process
Corporate Social Responsibility

Business ethics and practices

Schools of ethical thought (i.e. Universalism, Relativism, Social Contract)

Ethics code litmus test

Drivers of unethical behavior

Moral vs business case for ethical strategy

Triple bottom line

Implied social contract

Five forces analysis
“Weapons” to compete with rivals
Competitive pressures from sellers
Common drivers for industry change
Strategic group mapping (bubble map)
Competitor analysis
Key success factor analysis
Financial analysis
Competency and capability analysis
SWOT analysis
Value chain analysis
Competitive strengths assessment
Generic strategy analysis
Cost driver analysis
Marketing tactics (first strike, guerilla, others)
Defensive strategies
First mover strategies
Strategic alliances, outsourcing, partnerships, acquisitions, new ventures
Apply strategic options in an international environment

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