2023 Final Paper Essay on the Practical Applications of Group Theory Assume that you have

 Final Paper: Essay on the Practical Applications of Group Theory Assume that you have decided to write a 4page article for a magazine that is read primarily by leaders in your field. You have decided to focus your article on the practical applications of group theory. You know that you will have to briefly explain the theory and research you are utilizing and that, consequently, that you will have to cite—and maybe even quote from—material you have read for class (including scholarly articles identified in the annotated bibliographies). But you also know that most of your readers are primarily interested in how any idea can help them be more effective in practical situations. Therefore, you understand that your article needs to keep the focus on action and be chocked full of examples of how theory of groups, teams, and leadership can be useful in real-world situations. Make sure your article is clearly organized and easy for your readers to follow. Grading is based on the following: • Data and Theory: connect details of a specific problem of practice to relevant theory presented in this course (40%) • Analysis: generate workable recommendations, understand limitations to recommendations and present alternatives (30%) • Quality of writing: graduate level writing and strict adherence to APA formatting (30%) 

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