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2023 Gillette Marketing Plan Instructions and Template Case 16 pp 481 493 Overview of the Assignment Your

Gillette Marketing Plan Instructions and Template:  (Case 16) – pp 481 – 493



Overview of the Assignment:


Your final case assignment challenges you to develop a marketing plan for the Gillette.  Developing the marketing plan first requires that a thorough situation analysis be performed. Using the situational analysis, the resulting SWOT, competitive advantage and strategic focus as a guide, you will determine the key problem or decision facing Gillette, and identify strategic alternatives that best address the problem/decision.  Thoroughly evaluating the alternatives will result in a recommendation, which must be justified consistent with the firm’s strategic focus.  This case differs from the first in that you will be completing a marketing plan for your recommended strategy, along with control and evaluation procedures.NOTE:  You should find it very helpful to read ahead to Chapter 9, and possibly Chapter 10 as well.


The purpose of this documentis to assist you incompleting the process outlined above. It is a useful planning tool because it helps to ensure that important information is not omitted from the marketing plan. Answering the questions on the following pages will enable you to:


1.      Organize and structure the data and information you collect during the situation analysis.

2.      Use this information to better understand a firm’s strengths and weaknesses, and to recognize the opportunities and threats that exist in the marketing environment.

3.      Develop goals and objectives that capitalize on strengths.

4.      Develop a marketing strategy that creates or capitalizes upon competitive advantages.

5.      Outline a plan for implementing the marketing strategy.



Reminders and Notifications:


In the first portion of this assignment, you will complete athrough situation analysis ofGillette at the time the case was written. You should make use of the information found in Case 16 (pp, 481-493) and external research for the purpose of developing your situation analysis and SWOT.You should be careful to refer back to this information when developing both your marketing strategy alternatives, and the marketing plan for implementing you’re your preferred strategy.


It is not necessary to use outside research to complete your SWOT.If you feel compelled to do so, you may, but do not use articles published beyond 2012!  Think of the case as being stopped in time effective December 31st, 2012. 


As you complete the various sections of this document, it will be useful to refer back to chapters within the text. When completing the situation analysis section, be sure to be as comprehensive as possible (see chapters 3 and 4 for details). The viability of your SWOT analysis depends on how well you have identified all of the relevant environmental issues. Likewise, as you complete the SWOT analysis, you should be honest about the firm’s characteristics. Do not depend on strengths that the firm/brand really does not possess. Honesty is also important for your listing of weaknesses.


Your final marketing plan will reflect the results of your analysis through each stage of the process.  Review the information in chapters 1 through 10 as needed.  It is important that you take the time to read through chapter 9, as it deals with implementation and control.  It may be worth scanning chapter 10 for tidbits that help you in designing your marketing plan.




Your analysis should be written in paragraph form, unless exceptions are noted.  Remember to synthesize information when you address the questions within the various sections.  Delete the actual questions shown under each heading. If additional subheadings would improve the organization and presentation of information, please feel free to use them.

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