Econ History 2-5 Sentence For 6 Question 2023 Business Finance

2023 How had the commercial world changed from the time of the Scholastics to the Mercantilists How were the


How had the commercial world changed from the time of the Scholastics to the Mercantilists?  How were the “markets” addressed by these groups different?


Why did the early mercantilists oppose the exporting of gold bullion? What was Mun’s argument in favor of it? 


Both the Scholastics and the Mercantilists advised policy makers with regard to how commerce should be regulated.  Compare and contrast their proposals with regard to the purpose of the intervention they advocated and who was intended receive the benefit.


In Mandaville’s “Fable of the Bees” he argues that social vices bring about public good in the form of employment.  What are the flaws in his argument?  HINT:  Are the markets he mentions toe only ones that might exist?、


According to Sedlacek, Smith considered himself a Stoic. How is his concept of self interest consistent with the Stoic concept of virtue?  


According to Sedlacek, how is Smith’s concept of self interest consistent with his previous argument that “sympathy” is the foundation of a moral society?  What is “The Adam Smith Problem” that Sedlacek refers to?

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