Management Class Forum Responses 2023 Business Finance

2023 I need a 250 word response to each of the following two forum postings that were made

I need a 250-word response to each of the following two forum postings that were made by my peers in my management class:


Forum Response #1[1]


Emotional intelligence is a critical component of self-leadership.  Leaders must seek understanding and competency to ensure the four elements of emotional intelligence   are effectively executed.  The four elements of emotional intelligence include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management(Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013).  In self leadership, a sense of self-awareness must be present to increase your ability to read your targeted audience.  For instance, if you are talking to a group of people, it is critical to read body language in order to recognize the emotions of those you are speaking to.  Self-management is important since leaders need to display a level of self-control.  Many times, leaders let their emotions affect their ability to make informed decisions.  Self-management will increase your ability to recognize opportunistic moments while ensuring transparency in decision making.


Social awareness is also critical to ensure we manage our relationships effectively.  As suggested in this week’s reading, we must learn to show empathy and consider the emotions of others.  Leaders must show empathy by identifying the emotions of others while listening to concerns and seeking understanding.  Lastly, leaders must effectively manage their relationships.  Relationship management is how leaders connect with people, inspire people and lead people.  Change in inevitable and leaders must be resolute when seeking buy-in and commitment.  




Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, A. (Eds.). (2013). Individual behavior in organizations. Organizational Behavior (10 ed., pp. 142-143). Retrieved from GCU Library



Forum Response #2[2]


After completing the Rokeach Values Survey (Rokeach Value Survey, n.d.), I was able to identify my major terminal and instrumental values.  These values are essentially the roadmap that I will use in my personal and professional endeavors.  My top three terminal values were health, family security and salvation.  I am family oriented and many of the decisions that I make in my professional life are a result of what is best for me and my family.  My family and I are in tune with our health and well-being. A focus on health and family security is essential in our lives since we have experienced many recent losses in our family.  Salvation is the key to our endeavors with health and family security.  We have found through experience that salvation will guide us in our personal and professional lives.  


At the top of the list for instrumental values, I chose responsible, helpful and capable.  These three values closely relate to my top terminal values.  Since I place a large focus on the well-being of our family and friends, I feel that it is necessary to be dependable and reliable which is a trait of responsibility.  I also feel that it is necessary to be capable.  We are all capable of developing and accomplishing goals but the goals that we choose along with the desired result must be understood.  We must be capable of making informed decisions in our personal and professional lives.  


The valid predictor that I use to sum up my career success is the instrumental value of capability.  We are in control of our own destiny.  Happiness with career choices comes down to what we are capable to do in order to achieve career happiness.  Every day, we must seek to better ourselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Capability will increase competency and effectiveness in our personal and professional lives.  


As a public servant in my professional life, the values of my organization align perfectly with my personal values.  My organizations’ values are integrity, respect, accountability, innovation, learning and communication (“Values statement,” 2016).  I relate to each of these six values both in my personal and professional life.  I feel that each value represents what I stand for as a person.  Since I uphold these values on a daily basis, I feel a sense of belongingness with my organization.




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Rokeach Value Survey [pdf]. (n.d.). Retrieved from



[1] Original Forum Question was: Discuss the role that emotional intelligence (EI) plays in the self-leadership. Be sure to provide an analysis of all four dimensions of EI (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) in your response.

[2] Original Forum Question was: Refer to the results of your “Rokeach Values Survey” that you completed for this week’s assignment

What are your major terminal and instrumental values? Which values, terminal or instrumental, are valid predictors of career success in the workplace? To what extent do you believe your personal values are aligned with the values of your organization?? What impact does this have on your sense of belongingness/fit with your organization?


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