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2023 I would look for small airline companies the bigger companies don t always publish EO Locate an

I would look for small airline companies the bigger companies don’t always publish EO



Locate an Aviation Engineering Order (EO) for an aircraft of your choice and outline the components of the EO. Then, you will describe its effects on cost, labor hours, and maintenance functions of the airline(s) that use(s) this type of aircraft and the effects maintenance. The format will include the following:

1. Introduction
2. Purpose of the EO
3. List and explain each component of the EO
4. Describe the effects of cost
5. Describe the effects of labor hours
6. Describe the effects of maintenance functions
7. Provide suggestions of effectiveness or ineffectiveness
8. Conclusion
9. References
10. Tables/Figures/Appendix

The case study will be submitted in a 4- to 8-page essay.

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