BUSI535 Week 1 Writing Assignment 1 2023 Business Finance

2023 Instructions Assess Application Case Staffing Strategy for a New Plant Heneman III pages 40 41




Assess Application Case:   Staffing Strategy for a New Plant (Heneman III, pages 40-41). Your task is to   state a tentative response to each question that will be the basis for your   discussion at the meeting.

  1. What geographic location        might be best for the plant in terms of attracting sufficient quantity        and quality of labor, especially for the key jobs? Provide information        to support your choice of location.
  2. Should the plant manager come        from inside the current managerial ranks or be sought from the outside?        Why is your selection a better choice versus the other? What are the        advantages/disadvantages of each?
  3. Should staffing be based on        just the person-job match or also on the person-organization match?        Differentiate between the two and explain why this is a complex        decision.
  4. Would it make sense to        initially staff the plant with a flexible workforce by using temporary        employees and then shift over to a core workforce if it looks like the        plant will be successful? What are the advantages and disadvantages of        using a flexible workforce versus a core workforce in this situation?
  5. In the early stages, should        the plant be fully staffed, understaffed, or overstaffed? Why is your        choice a preferred method? Explain why the other two choices are not        preferential.
  6. Based on the case, will        employee retention likely be a problem, and if so, how will this affect        the viability of the new plant?

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