The origin of what is now called ________ dates back to a book written by Dr. Walter Shewhart in 1931. 2023 Business Finance

2023 Lesson 8 Exam Question 1 The most common inhibitor of SPC is Question options

Lesson 8 Exam

Question 1

The most common inhibitor of SPC is:

Question options:

a) inadequate training.

b) lack of resources resulting from the absence of management commitment.

c) failure to have processes under control.

d) low production rates.

Question 2

The origin of what is now called ________ dates back to a book written by Dr. Walter Shewhart in 1931.

Question options:

a) quality engineering

b) compliance management

c) statistical process control

d) QFD

Question 3

In the language of scientific decision making, ________is/are introduced when improvements are not based on the scientific approach.

Question options:

a) complexity

b) variation

c) inefficiency

d) None of the above

Question 4

Re-engineering is an appropriate replacement for benchmarking when:

Question options:

a) tour process is fairly strong relative to best-in-class.

b) the best-in-class is not in your industry.

c) your process is not in statistical control, i.e., is unstable.

d) best-in-class is unwilling to cooperate.

Question 5

The rationale for western manufacturers to embrace SPC is:

Question options:

a) to improve product quality and simultaneously reduce costs.

b) to be able to compete better with Japan and the world’s markets.

c) to improve their product image.

d) All of the above

Question 6

The __________ phase of DMAIC focuses on why defects, errors, or excessive variation occurs.

Question options:

a) Define

b) Measure

c) Analyze

d) Control

Question 7

When benchmarking, it is not enough to understand the processes; they must be completely:

Question options:

a) analyzed.

b) tested.

c) documented.

d) integrated.

Question 8

One of the roles of management in benchmarking is:

Question options:

a) establishing relationships.

b) disclosure.

c) data collection.

d) action planning.

Question 9

Which of the following is NOT a measure in TOC?

Question options:

a) Establishing the goal

b) Making the investment

c) Operating expenses

d) Throughput

Question 10

Six Sigma can only be achieved through:

Question options:

a) hiring new staff.

b) process improvement.

c) creating a new mission statement.

d) cutting costs.

Question 11

The __________ is used to chart the number of defects in samples of varying size as a percentage or fraction. Example: anywhere defects can be counted.

Question options:

a) p-chart

b) np-chart

c) c-chart

d) u-chart

Question 12

Which of the following behaviors best describe the concept of benchmarking?

Question options:

a) Unethical

b) Illegal

c) Industrial espionage

d) None of the above

Question 13

One of the three phases of benchmarking is:

Question options:

a) conclusion.

b) post-execution.

c) reporting.

d) modification.

Question 14

In which phase of the DMAIC process might FMEA be used?

Question options:

a) Define

b) Measure

c) Analyze

d) Control

Question 15

Several benchmarking considerations require management’s approval before the process can start: commitment to change, funding, personnel, disclosure, and:

Question options:

a) oversight.

b) Direction.

c) involvement.

d) Direct supervision.

Question 16

Six Sigma process performance:

Question options:

a) represents a major advance in capability over the typical.

b) has yet to be achieved in actual practice.

c) predicts 1 nonconformance in 500 million opportunities.

d) is useful only in large scale manufacturing.

Question 17

The JIT/LEAN/Lean “pull” system ensures that:

Question options:

a) costs are minimized through “economy of scale.”

b) the production line will never stop because of a problem.

c) buffer stocks are on hand to prevent line stoppage when a critical machine fails.

d) the internal supplier process does not build product unless told to do so by the internal customer process.

Question 18

To continually improve a process, all people involved in its operation must be using the same:

Question options:

a) documentation methods.

b) analysis techniques.

c) problem-solving tools.

d) procedures.

Question 19

Lean is based on the manufacturing system that was developed by:

Question options:

a) Motorola.

b) Toyota.

c) Goldratt.

d) IBM.

Question 20

_________ approaches improvement projects in three successive phases, applying TOC, Lean, and then Six Sigma tools.

Question options:

a) The iTLS model

b) Kaizen



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