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2023 LP4 Assignment LP4 Assignment The Role of Promotion Directions View the video on the BoltBus Company located at Cengage com

LP4 Assignment

LP4 Assignment: The Role of Promotion


View the video on the BoltBus Company, located at Cengage.com, Chapter 17. BoltBus is Greyhound’s curbside, express bus service. BoltBus operates primarily in the Northeast between major hubs, with some other service in the Northwest. This clip covers how BoltBus reaches its target markets through advertising, promotion, and social media. After viewing the video, write a 800-1000 word paper in which you address the following questions:

  1. Who does BoltBus consider to be its core consumers?
  2. How does the company use the knowledge (of who their core consumers are) to decide how to market BoltBus?
  3. Which type of product advertising does BoltBus use?
  4. Does BoltBus use consumer sales promotion? If so, what is the primary promotion they use?

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP4 Assignment: The Role of Promotion. This assignment is worth 110 points; grading will be based on the LP4 Assignment Rubric.

LP4 Assignment: HR Strategy Paper


This assignment will assess the competency 1. Evaluate the role of HR, 3. Examine organization capabilities for human resource management, & 4. Create a human resource capabilities model.

As part of understanding the respective theories discussed and applying them to organizations to create a competitive advantage, you will have the opportunity to assess a particular aspect or aspects of the HR strategy at an organization and how the particular strategy supports the organization’s strategic business objectives.

  • An introduction.
  • An overview of the organization of your choice – briefly describe the nature of the organization including its history, products/services, size, and competition.
  • The organization’s business strategy.
  • The role of HR in contributing to the business strategy – What HR strategies are relevant in helping to foster the attainment of the business strategy?
  • Recommendations – what are the effective practices, what else should be done, what can be done differently, etc?
  • Conclusion

Your final paper should be a 1200-1800 word APA style paper. Your content should be supported by no less than four academic/scholarly sources that are cited per APA 6th edition conventions. Your work should demonstrate your critical thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Upload your paper to the LP4 Assignment: HR Strategy Paper dropbox. This assignment is worth 250 points and will be graded according to the LP4 Assignment rubric


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