MBA 6601 Entire Course ( MBA/6601, International Business ) 2023 Business & Finance

2023 MBA 6601 Unit I Essay Using at least your textbook and a minimum of two additional sources


MBA/6601 Unit I Essay

Using at least your textbook and a minimum of two additional sources, answer the following questions. Your paper should be at least two pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. Follow APA style guidelines.

·  You are the CEO of XYZ manufacturing company. You have decided that you would like to market your product to Turkey. Consider the following points in your paper; you can make assumptions, but support your work with facts and scholarly references:

o Discuss the reasons why your company would want to expand overseas.

o Discuss what your mode of international business would be and how moving abroad will expand sales.

o How will you minimize risks and acquire resources?

o What are the factors you may face expanding into a foreign market? How might you mitigate those barriers?

MBA 6601 Unit I Discussion Board

Why is an international country’s culture important when considering how to expand into that country’s marketplace? What additional plans must a U.S. based company consider before taking their product or service to global markets? Please be specific.

MBA 6601 : Unit II Essay

Write a paper incorporating the external influences that impact business. You should address each facet illustrated below. Your paper needs to be a minimum of three pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, using APA style guidelines. The reference listings and title page do not count towards the minimum page requirement. An abstract is not required.

Your paper should also include a minimum of four sources/references, in addition to your textbook. At least two sources must come from any of the academic databases located in the CSU Online Library. Please do not plagiarize others’ work or submit a paper you have previously submitted. All sources quoted or paraphrased must have proper in-text citations with a corresponding listing in the reference page.

You are to choose one U.S. based company that has global operations in another country. You are to discuss each facet below and how it may impact the way the company you chose does business internationally. For example, the legal systems are civil law, common law, and theocratic law. If Coca-Cola does business in Iran, how does the theocratic legal system impact the way Coca-Cola does business? Thus, you are to;

• Delineate the legal systems and discuss which legal system and political ideology applies to the country you chose that the company does business in.

• Delineate the economic systems and discuss which economic system applies to the country you chose that the company does business in.

• Discuss the culture of the country (both verbal and nonverbal) and how it may impact the way the company does business internationally.

MBA 6601 Unit II Discussion Board

Chapter 3 discusses intellectual property theft and counterfeiting. Discuss the relationship among governments, institutions, organizations, and companies in developing the legal means to fight software piracy. Who does intellectual property theft, counterfeiting products, and piracy ultimately hurt? In your opinion, should software companies, industry associations, home governments, or transnational institutions take the lead in aggressively negotiating with the governments of countries with high piracy rates?  Why?

MBA 6601 Unit III Scholarly Activity

For this assignment, refer to the tables and answer the questions in one or two paragraphs each. Respond to both parts one and two in the same document.

Part One

1. Referring to Table 1, what can be concluded about Spain’s absolute and comparative advantage for both boats and trucks?

Maximum Output

                                   Spain                  Portugal

Boats                             3                          2

Trucks                            12                        6

Table 1

2. Referring to Table 2:

·         Who has absolute advantage in what good?

·         Italy has comparative advantage in what good?

·         Greece has comparative advantage in what good?

Maximum Output

                                      Wine                     Tables

Italy                                1,000                         200

Greece                              200                          100

Table 2

Part Two

Essay question: As a student, you are currently, paying $5,000 in tuition annually. You work and decide you want to devote more time to your studies to increase your grade point average (GPA); therefore, you give up your job earning $25,000 annually. You expect that when you graduate you will earn $40,000 annually. It takes you one year to complete your studies.

a)      Explain the concept of opportunity cost.

b)      Is it beneficial to quit your job? Why, or why not?

Your response should be at least two pages in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

MBA 6601 Unit III Discussion Board

Map 5.1  in your text shows that a bit over 50 percent of Costa Rica’s exports go to only three countries. Which trade theories may help you explain this concentration, and why? Locate at least one resource (besides your text book) which supports your opinion.

MBA 6601 Unit IV Case Study

Analyze the Case Study in Chapter 6 of the textbook, pp. 252-256, “U.S.-Cuban Trade: When does a Cold War Strategy Become a Cold War Relic?” Answer the first four questions, 6-3 through 6-6, at the end of the case.

·         Your paper should be at least three pages in length.

·         Make sure each question is used as a heading (as required by APA style guidelines) and answered in the order presented.

·         All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced, and quoted or paraphrased material must have accompanying in-text citations.

·         Title and reference pages do not count towards the minimum word count requirement.

MBA 6601 Unit IV Discussion Board

Why do you think that the world’s largest theme park operator, Walt Disney Company, was motivated to establish parks in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong? What governmental influences on trade (if any) might have affected their decision to expand globally?  What particular market characteristics of each of those sites do you think were especially attractive? If you were the CEO of the Disney corporation, would you establish additional foreign parks, and if so, when, where, why, and how? If not, please state in detail the rationale for your decision. Locate and cite at least one recent news article from an online business publication such as BusinessWeek Online or Forbes Magazine online that supports your opinion.

MBA – 6601 Unit V Essay

Using at least your textbook and a minimum of three additional sources, answer the following questions. Your paper should be at least three pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. Follow APA style guidelines.

1. The bilateral agreement has enabled China and South Korea an increase in trade and an increase in trade deficit for the United States; what are the advantages and disadvantages for the United States to continue these relationships with the bi-lateral agreements?

2. With regards to the various agreements/treaties discussed, EU, WTO, NAFTA, CARICOM, APEC, MERCOSUR and ASEAN:

·         Discuss any pending applications, candidate countries, or associate members.

·         What are the advantages/implications for trade within the trading group and for the United States?

·         Determine the GDP and GNP of those pending countries.

·         Based upon your assessment, do you think these countries should become full members of the FTAs they have applied to? Why, or why not?


MBA 6601 :Unit V Discussion Board

In your opinion, do you believe the United States’ participation in the World Trade Organization (WTO) is positive or negative for American businesses? Please use specific examples and at least one scholarly reference in addition to your textbook to support your opinion.

MBA 6601 Unit VI Scholarly Activity

Complete both parts of this assignment and submit as a single document.

Part One

Your company is deciding to expand to the following countries, and you and two other managers will have to visit these countries to set up operations. You have $1,500.00 to convert in each currency. Copy and paste this table into a new document and compute the following:

Country/currency               USD value/rate (as of 08/14)        Exchange amount

Japanese yen                   $102.28

Euro                                 $0.75

British pound                   $0.60

Utilizing the same exchange rate, while you are visiting each of these countries, you have to buy supplies/equipment for your operations; you want to determine what it is costing you in U.S. dollars. Please compute the following:

Japanese yen            Computer (¥167,000.00)          $

Euro                         Desks/chairs (€1,125.00)        $

British pounds           Printer (£575.00)                     $

Part Two

Respond to the following questions. Not counting Part One, your paper should be three pages in length, double spaced, and use APA style guidelines.

1.      Within the past decade, the IMF has provided financial assistance (bailout) to Greece (2010, 1st quarter), Iceland (2008, 4th quarter), Ukraine (2014, 2nd quarter), and Hungary (2008, 4th quarter). Describe the recovery process in each country as a result of this assistance. Also determine whether or not there was an increase/decrease in:

·         GDP,

·         inflation, and

·         unemployment.

MBA 6601 Unit 6 Discussion Board Question

What are some of the major political risks associated with investing in a foreign country? How does the threat of global terrorism effect foreign investment and the foreign-exchange market in the world today? In your opinion, what might be done to promote investment in unstable or potentially dangerous areas of the world? Please use at least one scholarly reference in addition to your textbook to support your opinion.

MBA 6601 Unit VII Case Study

Complete both parts of this assignment and submit as a single document.

Part One

Based upon recording balance of payment (BOP) transactions, determine whether or not the following is a debit, credit, or no entry to the U.S. Balance of Payment statement. Also determine what chart of account is affected (i.e., CA, KA, or OSB):

1.U.S. resident purchases Mercedes Benz C230,

2. U.S. resident purchases Chevelot Impala,

3. foreigner purchases GE dryer,

4. U.S. resident purchases UK stock, and

5. U.S. resident borrows funds from British broker to purchase stock.

Part Two

Read the case study, pp. 759-762, “H&M: The Challenges of Global Expansion and the Move to Adopt International Financial Reporting Standards.” Answer questions 19-3 and 19-4 at the end of the case study and the questions listed below. Your response for all four questions should be at least three pages in length and follow APA style guidelines.

·         What type of exposure could the CFO of H&M in the U.S. be subjected to since H&M is based in Sweden and the financial statements are prepared according to IFRS?

·         Payments or liabilities may also be subjected to exposure. Explain the operational hedging strategies that may offset exposure.




If an investor wants to compare the financial results of The Gap, Inditex, and H&M, what difference does it make that their financial statements are prepared according to different GAAP?  Would you expect there to be a big difference between U.S. GAAP as used by The Gap and IFRS  as used by H&M and Inditex?


What are the major sources of influence on H&M’s accounting standards and practices?

MBA6601 Unit VII Discussion Board

Locate the financial statements of a company headquartered in Europe and one headquartered in the United States (the 10K report in their annual report or a site such as yahoo finance will have this information).  Are these statements comparable?  What are the major differences in accounting standards that one might want to be aware of when trying to compare the financial results as reported by these two companies?

MBA 6601 Unit VIII Essay

Answer the following essay questions using a minimum of three sources for each response. Your paper should be at least three pages in length and use APA style guidelines.

You are CEO of ABC Washing Machine Company, and you want to market front load washers and dryers in the Czech Republic. Taking into consideration the mean income for this country is around 20,000 USD, how would you market front load washers/dryers? Your response should include:

·        economic, legal, and political concerns;

·        product differentiation and alteration strategies;

·        marketing mix strategies (price, promotion, and place);

·        explain each of the staffing approaches; and

·        discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and provide examples of each one.

MBA6601 Unit VIII Discussion Board

Please answer both questions in your response.

Part I: Feedback is very important to us and is utilized in our continuous improvement of courses we offer our students.  Did this course meet your expectations? What did you like the best about this course? What suggestions can you offer to improve this course? (1 paragraph minimum)

Part II: Research suggests many expatriate employees encounter problems that limit both their effectiveness in foreign assignments and their contributions to the firm once they return home. What do you see as the primary causes and consequences of these problems? What can a firm do to reduce the occurrence of such problems?  Use at least one resource to support your response. (1 paragraph minimum)


MBA 6601 : International Business

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