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2023 MMS Associates is a telecommunications service provider The company is currently redesigning its main office to

MMS Associates is a telecommunications service provider. The company is currently redesigning its main office to accommodate six newly hired salespeople. Some of the salespeople are expected to work in teams, so office assignments are very important. The table below presents the from–to matrix showing the expected frequency of contacts between members of the new sales staff.

Sales Person   A   B   C   D   E   F
A     6   12   18   1   1
B         4   19   3   0
C             5   0   0
D                 7   19
E                     0

This block plan shows the assigned office locations for the six sales members.

Michael Marc, the President of MMS Associates, is considering an alternative plan:


What is the ld score for this plan?



Problem 8

David’s Sport Supplies is a store that sells sports equipment and gear for teenagers and young adults. David’s is in the process of assigning the location of storage areas in its warehouse to minimize the number of trips made to retrieve needed items.

Given in the table below are the departments that need to be located, the number of trips made per week for each department, and the area needed by each department.

  Trips to and   Area
Department from Dock   Needed
1. Baseball equipment 160   2
2. Football gear 100   1
3. Hockey equipment 150   3
4. Basketball equipment 120   1
5. Sports clothes 270   3

Which location scheme is the best?



The design and effective capacities for a local emergency facility are 300 and 260 patients per day, respectively. Currently the emergency room processes 250 patients per day.


Compute the design and effective capacity utilization measures.

(Round your answers to 1 decimal place, the tolerance is +/-0.1.)

Utilization Effective =


%,  Utilization Design = 



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