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2023 Must Be Original Work This is Turn It In assigmant Must have less than 5 similarity 4 full

Must Be Original Work! This is Turn It In assigmant. Must have less than %5 similarity!


4 full pages essay observing a McDonalds resturant, in the US, double spaced, MLA.


Must answer the following question:


Question 1

In what ways does a McDonald’s retail outlet resemble a machine? Describe the organization in machine-like terms.


Question 2

Describe the McDonald’s activities in terms of Frederick Taylor’s principles of scientific management, Max Weber’s hierarchical structure and Henri Fayol’s administrative principles.


Question 3

Why do you think the company has been successful?


Question 4

Are there similarities in organization between McDonalds and other successful franchise organizations?


Question 5

The process of innovation is characteristic of the McDonalds Corporation.  Identify the innovations you observe during your visit and explain how the company incorporates the process of innovation and the process of mechanization in the same organization in order to minimize the weaknesses of mechanization. 


Use and mention the following concepts: 

  • Have you demonstrated your understanding of a mechanistic organization.
  • Have you demonstrated your understanding of Frederick Taylor’s principles of scientific management, Max Weber’s hierarchical structure, and Henri Fayol’s administrative principles?
  • Have you presented a clear case for the company’s success?
  • Have you demonstrated an understanding of the similarities and differences between different franchises? How about company owned stores.
  • Have you demonstrated an understanding of where mechanization is appropriate and where it is not? How has McDonald’s incorporated the process of innovation with its mechanistic organization to overcome the weaknesses of mechanistic organizations?

Turn it in assigment, must be original work. And has less than %5 similarity. 


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