Paper on Business Intelligence Wireless 2023 Business Finance

2023 Need Assignment Paper on 1 how business can benefit from a well managed database BI the Internet and wireless

Need Assignment Paper on 


1. how business can benefit from a well-managed database, BI, the Internet, and wireless technology.

2. Please provide examples of companies when possible and ensure that you justify your response.

Requirements for paper:

 8 Pages 

1. APA style formatting is required for each written assignment. Please use the APA 6th edition. An updated copy of the APA changes and a sample of an APA paper can be found in the General Course Forums of the course Global Academic Portal (GAP). 

 2. All papers are to consist of original composition, double spaced, 12 type font in Times New Roman. 

3. The page length requirement does not include the title page, abstract or reference pages.

 4. Papers should begin with an introduction and should end with a conclusion.

 5. The body of the paper must include citations according to the APA style format. 

6. Every assignment should contain at least eight references.

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