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2023 Paper Instructions I need 600 words for the following This assignment due is on Sunday 30 May 2017 at midnight 12

Paper Instructions

I need 600 words for the following:

This assignment due is on Sunday,30 May 2017 at midnight (12 Hours Provided).

I only need you to work this parts:


1.Market Return


2.Free Cash Flow to Equity (include the calculations Historical FCFE table)


The FCFE model formula is: Net Income + (Depreciation expense + amortization expense – capital expenditure) – change in working capital – principal debt repayments + new debt issues



3.NPV analysis


4.Sensitivity analysis


5.Forecasted growth rate

Phase 1 (Slow Growth Rate 2016-2017)

– Phase 2 (High Growth Rate 2018-2019)

– Phase 3 (Stable Growth Rate 2020 onwards)





The charts and calculations if needed.

Please include the references


The file with the name:

1. ‘Investment Assignment 2-3.docx’

2. ‘BAFI1045_LF03_JonathanTanuwidjaja.docx’

are the examples from last years’ assignments.


And the excel document is all the data that you may need.


If you need anything else please let me know.




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