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2023 Part 1 Read Suburban Homes Construction Project at the end of Chapters 10 and 11 in the textbook and then develop


Part 1)

Read “Suburban Homes Construction Project” at the end of Chapters 10 and 11 (in the textbook) and then develop a RBS (risk breakdown structure) in Microsoft Excel or in Microsoft word (using tables).  Please do the best that you can; however, please note that you will learn how to incorporate Microsoft in another PM class as you go along in the PM program.    

Submit your answer in the Discussion Forum and then submit peer replies regarding their answers (200 word minimum for each peer reply).  Please note the netiquette rules as located in the left column of this screen.  Click on “Netiquette” and read the instructions.



Answer the PMBOK® Guide Questions at the end of Chapters 10 and 11 in the textbook.

Submit your answers in the  PMBOK® Guide Questions Discussion Forum,  observe how your peers answered the questions, and then collaborate with your peers about the correct answers by submitting peer replies.  Your initial post should have the question numbers and your answers beside them.  

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for Amrutha


  1. Risk Breakdown Structure:

The risk management procedure means to distinguish and survey risks so as empowering the risks to be seen obviously and oversaw viably. The key advance connecting ID/evaluation of risks with their management understands. This is, be that as it may, the territory where the venture chief or risk expert gets least help from current rules or practice benchmarks. There are numerous ordinarily utilized procedures for risk distinguishing proof (Kloppenborg, 2011). These ID procedures, notwithstanding, will in general produce an unstructured rundown of risks that frequently doesn’t straightforwardly help the task administrator in realizing where to center risk management consideration. Subjective evaluation can organize recognized risks by assessing likelihood and effects, uncovering the most critical risks; however this arrangements with risks each in turn and doesn’t think about potential examples of risk introduction, thus additionally doesn’t give a general comprehension of the risk looked by the task in general (Hilson, 2002).

Governments and private speculators are progressively getting to be mindful of the advertising power and the significance of seismic security of old centers of their urban areas. Therefore the enthusiasm for safeguarding the first look and frequently even the first, yet improved development of the structures winds up objective and a requesting task for architects and venture directors. The fundamental objective of undertaking the board is controlling the result of a venture through control of components like nature of the last item, expenses and time, though practice demonstrates that these sorts of activities frequently invade cost and time limits (Sigmund, 2014).

RBS Task ID                 Task Description               Phase

1                                Plan Risk Managment       Planning

2                                   Identifying Risks              Planning

3                                Qualitative Risk Analysis      Planning

4                                Quanitative Risk Analysis       Planning

5                                   Risk response planning       Planning

6                                    Risk Control              Monitoring & Control

2) for Pavan


Risk breakdown structure (RBS)

Risk breakdown structure (RBS) will represent the hierarchical organization of risk-based such as operational, strategic, finance, and project management. The risk breakdown structure is similar to the WBS – work breakdown structure in its hierarchical representation. To identify the risks which will enable the risks clearly to understand and manage effectively with the use of the risk management process. For risk identification, different techniques were used which will tends the quality assessment which will help to prioritize identifying risks with the estimating impacts and probability. In project areas to identify risk must require special attention whether there may be any recurrence of risk themes, risks on the project (Burcar Dunovic, 2016).

Within the project management, the structuring demonstration value would be Work breakdown structure (WBS) which is a major tool for the projects. WBS will provide the work structure to accomplish the objectives of the project. The project work in hierarchical, manageable and definable packages based on project planning, communication, accountability, and reporting will be presented in WBS. The risk will be identified by the project manager and get the project on track. Throughout the entire organization, RBS was chosen and it will work like a checklist (Mehdizadeh, 2013).

Some of the additional insights were provided by RBS for risk assessment of the project. Have to understand the project risk exposure type, significant sources of project risk will be exposed, risk causes will be revealed, development of high-risk areas, for root causes generic responses will be developed. With the use of common RBS, each project risk will be identified (Salah, 2016).

RBS            Time       Delaying in schedule

                                    Making changes

              Shortages               People

                                       Skills deficiency

                                         Labor strikes

           Costs                         Errors estimation

                                            Exchanging of rates

Deliverables                        Issues in components

                                            design that is unproven

Quality                               Items related to contractor



Contract                       There will be the lack of clarity


                                   failures related to subcontractors

Market                             Success

                              Window of exhibiting work.

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