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2023 Please complete assignment 9 40 Message Strategies Requesting an Adjustment on page 279 of the textbook ON PAGE

Please complete assignment #9-40,  Message Strategies:  Requesting an Adjustment on page 279 of the textbook.



9-40. Message Strategies: Requesting an Adjustment (LO-2) Love at first listen is the only way to describe the way you feel when you discovered the music-streaming service Song-Thring. You enjoy dozens of styles of music, from Afrobeat and Tropicalia to mainstream pop and the occasional blast of industrial metal, and Song Throng has them all for only $9.99 a month. You can explore every genre imaginable, listening to as many tracks as you like for a fixed monthly fee. The service was so unreliable that you began keeping note of when it was unavailable. Last month, it was down for all or part of 12 days- well over a third of the month. As much as you like it, you’ve had enough.

The following question about the email assignment :
Make sure to follow business e-mail formatting and remember to use the direct strategy as outlined in the text.  This message should be at least 2-3 short paragraphs in length and include:
Opening paragraph with the main idea
Body paragraph(s) that explains the background of your problem and justifies your claim
Closing paragraph with a positive tone that focuses on future business relations and details of how/when you want refund
Don’t make common mistakes, such as:

 A negative tone – using too many feeling words rather than focusing on facts
 Using long lead-ins, trite business phrases or business clichés
“This email is to inform you…” “Thank you for for your attention to this matter/cooperation.”
“Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.”
Proofread for other formatting and grammatical/mechanical errors.  In addition, please follow the PCC BA Style Guide when completing any assignments for this course: BA Style Guide Version 1.0.pdf.



To earn full points, you must review and comment on the papers of at least two of your classmates. Please include your comments in a reply message.

Please review an assignment that hasn’t yet been reviewed by another student if possible.

To earn full credit for your reviews, please comment on all of the following:

1.Does the writer follow a direct organizational approach?
2.Is the problem described in a straightforward manner?
3.Is a professional tone maintained throughout the correspondence? 4.Where could improvements be made?
5.Does the closing paragraph include specifics of request, (amount and type of refund, deadline with reason,) and then end with a positive final thought?
6.Does the message formatted correctly as a business email?
7.Is the document free of misspellings and grammatical errors?  Which ones did you notice?

  1. Dear Customer Service Representative,

    My experience with your SongThrong subscription music streaming service has shown to be unreliable.  I am therefore kindly requesting a full refund due to being unable to access a service for which I paid. 
    Two months ago, I began the subscription service.  In the first month, I experienced frequent outages, so much so that in the second month, I recorded 12 days where the service was unavailable.  In full, I paid $119.88 to be able to access unlimited music for twelve months but without being able to depend on your service, that guarantee is not being met.    
    My dissatisfaction with your product has led me to request a refund for the full $119.88 amount I paid.  If in the future, the quality of SongThrong’s streaming service improves, I would gladly consider subscribing again.
    I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your response.  You can reach me at [email protected],edu

    Thank you,

    Shauna Rasmussen, SongThrong customer

2.Dear Customer Support Representative, 

My recent experiences and analysis with SongThrong’s streaming service suggests that the server’s availability may not be dependable. Please consider issuing me a refund.

I have been a SongThrong subscriber for two months, prepaying for one year at $119.88 in order to receive the $9.99 monthly rate. I began to notice the outages during my first month’s subscription, leading me to start keeping note of when it was unavailable. Over the course of my second subscription month, I recorded outages on 12 separate days. Although I did not keep diligent records of outages during the first month, I experienced nearly the same amount of unavailability- well over two thirds of each month. 

Due to the lack of availability, I would kindly request that my subscription be refunded. If there is any possibility of connection improvement leading to a more dependable streaming medium, then I would happily reconsider holding a new subscription. I understand that you regularly provide helpful service to customers and I would appreciate hearing from you this week. You can contact me anytime through this email: [email protected] 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

-Jessica Justice, SongThrong customer

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