Effective Teams – Thought Responses 2023 Business Finance

2023 Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words These are

Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.

Prompt 1:

Teams or departments in business working toward common goals can be very effective. Not every person can have an entire understanding of how Human Resources work at the same time Human Resources may not have an understanding of how to write code for new software. It is important to form teams to tackle projects to reach a bigger common goal. Same way as in the military. I was in first squad, kilo company, third battalion, fourth marines in the 7th marine division in the 1st marine expeditionary unit. If my squad did not complete our mission then it would hurt everyone all the way up the chain. Having such small unit leadership with small teams, we could dominate and increase the success rate. All members of a team need to contribute for everyone to be successful.

There was a time when in the communication platoon there was discontent in the Radio section. The radio section not getting their job done affected every other section. It ended up dragging the entire platoon to a halt until everything was fixed. Having leaders in the right place can change the outcome of everything.

Prompt 2:

A great way for a business to organize employees is to put them into teams. A team is made up of two or more people who work together to achieve a common goal. Teams offer an alternative to a vertical chain-of-command and are a much more inclusive approach to business organization. Teams are becoming more common in the business world today. Effective teams can lead to increased employee motivation and business productivity. Characteristics of an effective team include ideal size and membership, clear purpose, open communication, fairness in decision-making, creativity, and accountability. My line of work is mainly all individual based, but I work in a department where I have two other group members who I go to and ask questions and get feedback. We sometimes will work on assignments together when dealing with large accounts. We will divide the tasks amongst us and then come together when we have achieved our results. This helps us make sure that we are handling the account correctly and brings us closer as coworkers. I find team work to be very helpful and enjoy it.

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