JCP Case Study 2023 Business Finance

2023 Please Review the attachment in detail Will require a plagiarism report and

Please Review the attachment in detail. Will require a plagiarism report and knowledge in excel.

Provide a summary of the issue that J.C. Penny faces. Assume the role of Alicia Smith, prepare a 3-5-page memo that analyzes the financial condition of JCP. Included in the memo should be a section describing the company’s liquidity, asset management, debt management, profitability, market value, and your recommendations to JCP. Make sure that you include the heading of each section in your report. Also, include the following financial exhibits in excel: 

• A written summary of the company’s financial position and a decision of whether JCPenney should continue their current course of action or change direction. 

o Vertical (common size) analysis of income statement and balance sheet 

o Horizontal (percent-change) analysis of income statement and balance sheet 

o Complete Ratio Analysis and Industry comparison. For each area, the students need to determine if the strategic changes made have resulted in an improved and worsening financial position for the company.

▪ company’s liquidity, 

▪ asset management,

▪ debt management, 

▪ profitability 

▪ market value 

• Also give a summary update on how JC Penney performed in 2019? What is new for JCP? How did they react when other retailers went bankrupt? Are these changes reflected in Sales and Profit? How was JC Penney impacted by Covid-19? In May 2020, JC Penney filed for bankruptcy. What did this entail? 

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