Pottery Ranch Inc 2023 Business Finance

2023 Pottery Ranch Inc has been manufacturing its own finials for its curtain rods The company is currently

Pottery Ranch Inc. has been manufacturing its own finials for its curtain rods. The company is currently operating at 100% of capacity, and variable manufacturing overhead is charged to production at the rate of 60% of direct labor cost. The direct materials and direct labor cost per unit to make a pair of finials are $3.96 and $4.90, respectively. Normal production is 26,000 curtain rods per year. A supplier offers to make a pair of finials at a price of $13.24 per unit. If Pottery Ranch accepts the supplier’s offer, all variable manufacturing costs will be eliminated, but the $46,900 of fixed manufacturing overhead currently being charged to the finials will have to be absorbed by other products. (a) Prepare an incremental analysis to decide if Pottery Ranch should buy the finials. Should Pottery Ranch buy the finials? Would your answer be different in (b) If the productive capacity released by not making the finials could be used to produce income of $42,240?

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