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2023 Project 2 Instructions Project 2 requires that you use the McGraw Hill Connect site for Steps 1


Project 2 Instructions

Project 2 requires that you use the McGraw-Hill Connect site for Steps 1 and 2 (see below). You will find your access code within your Organizational Behavior textbook. If you purchased a used textbook, please review the syllabus on purchasing an access code to complete the assignment.

Note: If you did not purchase a new textbook, you may not be able to use the access code.

Step 1

1. Once you log into Connect, you will be taken to the home page. Under your assignment list, there will be a link titled “Project 2 Assessment,” which is required in its entirety for Project 2. Please note that faculty can track your progress in the assessment. This assessment is much lengthier than the previous one, so be sure to take the time to access and take it, remembering to save as you go along. The assessment does not have to be taken in one sitting; you can save and pick up where you left off, but do not process the submit button until completely finished.

2. Because the assessment is synced with the course through Connect, the score will automatically show in the course gradebook. This will show a 0/0 score but the assessment points are included in the project paper grade. You must complete the assessment by Wednesday of the module week in order to complete on time. (NOTE: The assessment will show a different deadline because it is synced for the length of the course term, please submit on the stated instructed day).

3. Part I must discuss each of these points below from data gathered on the assessment. Please make the proper, current APA heading and title it: Personality Insights

· Big Five with Myers-Briggs

· Attitude and Core Values Insights

· Motivation Insights

· Decision Making/Problem Solving Insights

4. Part II must discuss each of these points below from data gathered on the assessment. Please make the proper, current APA heading and title it: Working with Others.

· Communication Competency and Listening Style

· Leadership Readiness and Team Insights

· Conflict Tendencies/Style

  1. Part III must discuss each of      these points below from data gathered on the assessment. Please make the      proper, current APA heading and title it: Life in Organizations

· Organizational Politics

· Organizational Needs-Employee Satisfaction, Job Fit, Core Skills

· Organizational Change and Climate

6. For each of the aforementioned parts, use the assessment results to write at least 1 full paragraph for each bullet point pertaining to the things you have learned about yourself. There is a lot to cover in each of these sections, so focus on the most significant things you have learned about yourself from each area. Use headings for each section, as in “Part I: Personality Insights,” etc. so that there are subheadings per the bulleted areas for each Part. Provide your statistical/percentage results for a comparison of letters within your discussion. Any adverse personal opinions on the assessment tools must be respectful and scholarly with supportive research.

Step 2

1. Now that you have learned these things about yourself, apply them to your workplace behavior and interactions with others and give specific examples.

2. In a new section in your paper (labeled Step 2), answer the following questions with specific correlation to the assessment. To do so, provide a separate paragraph for each of the following questions:

· In general, what have you learned from these personality tests about organizational behavior that will help you be a better employee, coworker, and/or manager?

· In particular, what have you learned about yourself from this personality test that will help you be a better employee, coworker, and/or manager? Provide specific examples.

Step 3

  1. Read the “The Gospel and Personal      Reflection” article located in the Module/Week 5 Reading & Study      folder and respond to the question found below.
  2. The assessments help us label our      strengths and their corresponding weaknesses. Therefore, it would be easy      to simply accept the fact that we have weaknesses. After all, “No one      is perfect,” we say. On the other hand, the assigned article points out      that God through the Holy Spirit continues to conform us to the image of      Jesus Christ.

For step 3, explain how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life to transform your weaknesses into strengths. See II Corinthians 12:7–10 as a scriptural example of this paradoxical truth. Be specific with your example(s) and faith integration.

NOTE: It is understood that not all of our students are Christians. If that is your situation, read the assigned article and Bible verses and ponder the relevance of the ideas found in both. Refer to ideas from the article as you complete this step, and consider how your own personality weaknesses have been or can be transformed into personality strengths.


1. Use proper, current APA format for every element of the paper. Be sure to include the APA-formatted cover page, abstract, and reference page. Refer to your APA manual for help or this site for assistance: 

2. First person is allowed due to the personal nature of the assignment.

3. To facilitate the instructor’s grading of these assignments, you must have major headings for Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. Additionally, under the major heading of Step 1, you must have subheadings for each separate section of the assessment: Personality Insights, Working with Others, and Life in Organizations. That means that you need 3 subheadings for Step 1.

4. The exact number of paragraphs that you include in each section is your decision; your instructor will not be grading you on how many paragraphs you used per section, but rather the extent to which you specifically addressed each of the areas above.

5. The minimum of 6 required pages does not include the title page, abstract page, or reference page. Those must be counted as additional pages. You will likely find that it will be difficult to address all of these things in only 6 pages, but that constraint is part of the exercise itself. Learning to write succinctly and efficiently will improve your communication skills, regardless of the setting. Because you only have 6 pages to discuss all these components, be concise.

6. Be sure to double-space, using Times New Roman 12-point font only and 1-inch margins; avoid bold font (except for headlines, per current APA format), underlining, and contractions.

7. The reference page must include a minimum of the 5 following references in current APA format (all sources must be evident within the paper and less than 5 years old):

· The course textbook (either Type Talk at Work or Organizational Behavior),

· The McGraw-Hill Connect assessment,

· 1 scholarly source from a peer-reviewed journal,

· “The Gospel and Personal Reflection” by Dr. Fischer, and

· At least 1 of the audio PowerPoint Lessons from any of the modules/weeks thus far assigned.

Note: For further questions regarding current APA format, visit Liberty University’s Online Writing Center.

Submit Project 2 to the appropriately labeled SafeAssign link first to review your percentage of originality. Then, submit Project 2 to the appropriate link for grading by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5. 

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