BIS/221 2023 Business Finance

2023 Purpose of Assignment In this assignment you to develop your skills using Microsoft Word to address

Purpose of Assignment  In this assignment, you to develop your skills using Microsoft® Word to address a business case.  

Assignment Steps  Resources: 

•Microsoft® Office Help and Training 

•Other tutorials available online  

Read the following scenario:  You have been asked to write a business proposal for a client in the hope of setting up a 3-year customer service contract in support of a new application they are launching this month. Support services will include technical problem solving and answering questions on the use of the application.  

Write a minimum 1,050-word research summary using Microsoft® Word in which you communicate the details of your business proposal to the project team. Include the following components in your research summary: 

  1. •A Microsoft® Word business template of your choice 
  2. •A description of the client’s needs including ◦
  • – Hours of operation ◦
  • -Number of calls that will need to be taken ◦
  • -Reporting needs 
  1. •Proposed solution to client’s needs ◦
  • -Pricing ◦
  • -Time of support operation 
  • -Advantages of using your service 
  • What support avenues you will provide (live chat, phone, web) 
  1. •Research through citations and references using the Word reference tool to insert them into the paper 
  2. •An inserted image supporting your recommendation 
  3. •A built-in style appropriate for a business document 
  4. •A bulleted or numbered list 
  5. •A proofing review using Spelling & Grammar check  

  1. Submit your final summary in the following file formats: DOCX, PDF, HTML, and TXT file. This will acquaint you with differences between file formats and why these different file formats may be useful.  Cite a minimum of three references.  Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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