MGT251 – LESSON 3 QUIZ 2023 Business Finance

2023 Question 1 of 30 Frederick Taylor is associated with which school of management thought Total


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Frederick Taylor is associated with which school of management thought?

Total quality management

Human relations theory

Need theory of management

Scientific management


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Which of the following statements best describes the fallacy of wishing it were so?

The ignoring or distorting of reality to hold onto assumptions

The assumption that when one event precedes another, the first caused the second

The assumption that what is true of a part is true also of the whole

The assumption that what is true for the whole is true for each of the parts


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When using a face-to-face communication channel, how much of your total message is contributed through gestures and other nonverbal signals?






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Bennett is a customer service manager. The right Bennett has in the workplace to give orders and expect those orders to be obeyed is known as






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Which nonverbal communication function supports, but does not replace, the verbal message?

Accenting NVC

Substituting NVC

Complementing NVC

Regulating NVC


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In a conflict, the parties involved are seeking a solution to a problem. When the parties analyze the interests involved, they really are attempting to determine the ________.

unstated, primary causes of the conflict

action or item the parties are asking for

parties involved in the conflict

individuals interested in the outcome of the conflict


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John assumed that because Bill is good at inventory ordering, he will automatically be good at data entry. On what basis is John making this decision?

Halo effect


Rusty halo effect

Fallacy of composition


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When studying perceptions, the term mental set refers to which of the following statements?

The individual’s thoughts regarding what is happening

The individual’s perception of what he or she wants regardless of reality

An individual’s aggregate perceptions of work

The factual influences in an individual’s life


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George believes women do not belong in the workplace. When Maureen applied for a job in his department, he knew just from looking at the name on her résumé that she was not qualified for the job. Which determinant of perception is at play in this example?


Snap judgment

Halo effect

Peer pressure


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Chris made a snap judgment about why Charlie was late for work today. On what basis did Chris make his decision?

He made his decision based on what everyone in the workplace agreed was true.

He made his decision using a belief or conclusion he held with confidence, but it was not substantiated with any proof.

He made his decision using information he knew or assumed to be true.

He made his decision through an instant evaluation determined without the benefit of any fact or experience.


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Merle appears to make decisions based on his feelings rather than logical factors. In this situation, Merle is making decisions using which process?




Common sense


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Employees who spend more time spreading gossip about others than performing their jobs are known as ________.


lazy workers


lone wolfs


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The task duration involved in an employee’s job is best described as which of the following?

The diversity or differences in the speed of work

The maximum speed the fastest worker can perform a task flawlessly

The length of time needed to complete one task

The time required to perform a job task and the time between tasks


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As Amanda reviews her interview questions, she realizes her list contains only closed questions. Which type of questions has she written?

Questions with no answer

Questions with more than two correct answers

Questions requiring more than just a yes or no answer

Questions that can only be answered yes or no


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Jamison worked hard for his degree. He even had a mock diploma hanging over his desk as motivation. Graduation day was the proudest day of his life. Jamison is now pushing the employees he manages to enroll in college and get a degree. Jamison feels that if a degree meant so much to him it will mean as much to his employees. He thinks it may even provide motivation. What type of reasoning is Jamison using?

Multivalued reasoning

Fallacy of wishing it were so

Fallacy of division

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc


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An individual who has the power and the ability to make decisions about the utilization of the organization’s resources has which of the following?






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Options involved in a conflict involve which of the following?

The different approaches to starting a conflict

The alternative approaches to ending a conflict

The different approaches to handling a conflict

The alternatives that will resolve a conflict


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Which nonverbal communication function punctuates or draws attention to the verbal message?

Contradicting NVC

Complementing NVC

Accenting NVC

Substituting NVC


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Deliberately manipulating a sender’s message content to make it appear more favorable to the receiver is called ________.



selective perception



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Stanley is concerned about others in his workplace being aware of the obvious errors he makes in performing his job. His concern is best described as ________.

error visibility





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Conflict that results in mutual satisfaction for all involved would best be described as ________.

arbitration conflict

negative conflict

mutual conflict

positive conflict


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As Deb compiles sales and expense results for her work unit, she prepares the documents in a format required by her supervisor. This type of feedback is referred to as ________.

upward communication

downward communication

open-door policy

lateral communication


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The actual words contained in a message represent about how much of the total deliverable message content?






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His suit is purple!!! That is all John could think about. The salesperson talking to him was wearing a purple suit. When the salesperson left, John thought, “If the salesperson looks like that, the whole company must dress like goofs!!” What type of reasoning is John using here?

Fallacy of division

Two-valued reasoning


Fallacy of composition


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In working to resolve a conflict, it is often helpful to view the conflict from the perspective of the other party. The conflict demand involved would include what ________.

you are asking for

you have to give if your conflict demand is met

will happen if your conflict demand is not met

you will lose if the conflict does not go your way


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A receiver translating a sender’s message is beginning the process of ________.






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What is required for listening to occur?

Hearing information

Having proximity and proclivity

Wanting and needing the information

Hearing and attending to the information


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Snap judgments are best defined as ________.

all-inclusive words

conclusions drawn instantly

opinions that are formed

others being deceived


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In a conflict, an alternative would be the ________.

consequences of not resolving the conflict

third party affected by the conflict

third party involved in the conflict

consequences of not starting the conflict


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The mental work environment includes which elements?

The negative stress factors present in a particular physical work environment

The managerial systems and policies that affect the behavior of the workforce

The employee’s aggregate perceptions of the work, managerial style, and coworker influences

The stressful situations that accompany work performance




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