Questions 2023 Business & Finance

2023 Question One SuperLoud Headphones develops markets and sells unique headphones in the

Question One

 SuperLoud Headphones develops, markets and sells unique headphones in the United States utilizing its patented Deafening Technology. SuperLoud decides to have its headphones manufactured in China to reduce costs and increase the profit margin. What are the most significant legal and business implications in establishing a relationship with the Chinese manufacturer of its headphones? Why are these significant? 

Question Two

 Ouch Masks designs, markets, and sells hockey masks. Ouch is based in the United States, but the masks are all produced in China. One of Ouch’s biggest markets for the sale of its masks is in Canada. How and to what extent might the intergovernmental relationships between these countries influence Ouch’s business strategy and operations? Explain. What actions can Ouch take to offset any negative influences from these intergovernmental relationships? Explain. 

***Doctoral Program Questions—Please provide a quality scholarly written assessment for both questions…No Plagiarism…In-text Citations and References…250 -500 words per each question…

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