assignment 2023 Business Finance

2023 Read the attached file COMPLETELY before beginning this assignment YOUR ASSIGNMENT Read the Organizational Design An Overview background Actions

Read the attached file COMPLETELY before beginning this assignment!


  1. Read the “Organizational Design: An Overview” backgroundActions
  2. Select an organization. You are the consultant. This can be an organization at which you work or an organization that you research. Use the organization’s website, government websites and/or commercial websites such as Hoovers ( (Links to an external site.)) to learn more about the organization. After collecting as much information as you can through the Internet, consider using library database search engines to supplement the information.
  3. Collect as much information as you can to answer questions related to the organizational design. Some of the information may include evidence of organizational strategy, stage in the organizational life cycle, internal environment, external environment, structural dimensions and contextual dimensions. Use the “Organizational Design Consulting Survey” to capture information related to your client.
  4. Once you have collected sufficient information about the organization, Complete the Organizational Survey Questions AND the Recommendations Form.
  5. Upload your completed assignment (in a word document) to Canvas for grading. Provide sufficient information and data to back recommendations. I will be grading quality over quantity.

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