Consumer Behaviour – Assignment 2023 Business Finance

2023 Read the Case Study on Page 104 of the Solomon textbook The Brave

Read the Case Study on Page 104 of the Solomon textbook: The Brave New World of Subway Advertising

Q.1 Based on the principles of attention presented in this chapter, explain why riders receive these ads so positively. Be sure to consider the possible stimulus selection factors that apply.

Q.2  As you consider tunnel advertising, are their brands or products that would not be a good fit for this medium? Justify your response with 2 examples.

– I have attached the case study below

– I have attached chapter notes

– Name of textbook – Solomon, Michael R., Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having and Being (2019) 13th Edition 

Include your reflection piece to this assignment also.

The reflection piece of the assignment should be at 4 to 5 sentences in which you will include what you thought about each weekly/module, discussions, topics, readings, etc.

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