REI ASSESSMENT 2023 Business & Finance

2023 REI An Ethical Consumer Cooperative Refer to the case on Page 119 of the text Read the case


REI: An Ethical Consumer Cooperative


Refer to the case on Page 119 of the text.


Read the case and answer the following questions:


1.     Describe the Stakeholder orientation t REI.


2.     How does REI implement Social Responsibility?


3.     How do REI’s values relate to the development of an ethical culture?


 This assignment is due by midnight, Central time on Sunday, at the end of week one. No late assignments will be accepted without advance permission from the instructor.


On this and every other case assignment you must meet the minimum standards for depth and organization. Any case analysis that is under 500 words (not counting title and references) will receive a zero. Each case also must have a minimum of 3 outside references, not counting the textbook or (in the week one case) the Apple web site.


Do not use the Key Marketing Issues used in the sample case. Each case will have its own set of Key Marketing Issues which you will choose based on the details of the case content and the class reading. Follow this format on all 8 case analyzes.


View the Week 2 Activities Page


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