Digital Marketing Strategy 2023 Business Finance

2023 Required to produce an Individual 2500 word report for Rolex Undertake a critical analysis

Required to produce an Individual 2500-word report for Rolex

  1. Undertake a critical analysis and evaluation (i.e., strengths and weaknesses) of the ‘digital marketing’ activity undertaken in the UK by the brand. This should consider how this activity contributes to the brand’s overall strategy and assists in achieving their marketing goals and objectives. Digital marketing’ activity relating to relevant aspects of the marketing mix (4/7Ps) should be considered together with the suitability of the activity for the targeted market segments, and where appropriate, consideration of and comparisons with direct competitors. This should also include the brand’s response, if any, to external threats.
  2. Compare and contrast this ‘digital marketing’ activity undertaken by the brand with their more traditional ‘non-digital’ marketing activity. This should highlight the advantages and disadvantages of ‘digital marketing’ using examples of the ‘digital marketing’ activity undertaken by the brand or their direct competitors and include consideration of how the ‘digital marketing’ activity has been integrated with the ‘non-digital’ marketing activity and how that activity contributes to the brands overall marketing strategy. 

3. Based upon the above, make recommendations on how the brand may further develop their ‘digital marketing’ activity in the future and ensure that their digital marketing activities are fully integrated with their ‘non-digital’ marketing activities. 

You should primarily focus upon your brand’s ‘digital marketing’ activity from January 2016 until the present day undertaken in the UK market, but where appropriate you should also include earlier activities or those undertaken in other countries. 

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