Ransomware, Malware, Business Security (research Paper) 2023 Business Finance

2023 Research Paper Requirements Topic Ransomware malware business security Abstract Brief summary that identifies the purpose goal problem methods

Research Paper Requirements

Topic: Ransomware, malware, business security

Abstract – Brief summary that identifies the purpose, goal, problem, methods, results, and conclusion of your work. (Format- Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Research Paper Format- A 700 approx. word, double spaced paper, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography at least 3 pages

Include this information for your research:


·  Why did you decide to do this study or project?

·  How did you conduct your research?

·  What did you find?

·  Why is this research and your findings important?

·  Why should someone read your entire essay?


·  What problem is your research trying to better understand or solve?

·  What is the scope of your study – a general problem, or something specific?

·  What is your main claim or argument?


·  Discuss your own research including the variables and your approach.

·  Describe the evidence you have to support your claim

·  Give an overview of your most important sources.


·  What answer did you reach from your research or study?

·  Was your hypothesis or argument supported?

·  What are the general findings?


·  What are the implications of your work?

·  Are your results general or very specific?


·  Scholarly articles (ex. Harvard etc), peer-reviewed journals, publications, textbooks

Also please include power notes 

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