asap 2 paragraph Finance paper ( 3hours) 2023 Business Finance

2023 Review Kimberly Clark s 2014 Annual Report Note 8 on Debt Contrast these 2014 comments and or totals regarding debt and bonds with

Review Kimberly-Clark’s 2014 Annual Report, Note 8 on Debt. Contrast these 2014 comments and/or totals regarding debt and bonds with the trends and current information found in Morning Star (or other financial site) relative to Kimberly-Clark’s current performance. 

Requirement #1:  Review the current Morning Star information regarding Kimberly-Clark’s debt and provide your thoughts based on our readings through this week in Block, Hirt & Danielsen (2017).

Requirement #2:  Referring to Block, Hirt & Danielsen (2017) and your other research you may perform, compute and display your calculations projecting your one-year target price for Kimberly-Clark. Comment on the assumptions you made regarding how you developed your target price projection… does the capital structure or debt discussed in Requirement #1 concern you in recommending this stock to an investor? Why or why not?


Block, S.B., Hirt, G.A., & Danielsen, B.R. (2017). Foundations of Financial Management. 16th ed., McGraw-Hill Education, Print.

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