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2023 Review Lesson 3 Directons Answer each of the questions below 1 Use a real life example to

Review Lesson 3

Directons: Answer each of the questions below.

1. Use a real-life example to describe the following allocation methods. Hint: Use family, friends, teams, church, and/or clubs for examples.

  • Brute Force
  • Market
  • Queuing
  • Random Selection
  • Tradition
  • Equal Shares
  • Need
  • Planned

2. Explain the Market System. Give an in-depth example of a Market System.

3. Explain the Planned System. Give an in-depth example of a Planned System.

4. Which allocation system do you think is the most productive or the fairest? Explain.

5. Compare and contrast the Market System and the Planned System.




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