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2023 The answer for each question is indicated by a 1 Which of the




The  answer for each question is indicated by a  .


1                                             Which of the following goods are removed from the employment contract by legal rights?




                                                A)           Wages and benefits.






                                                B)            Wages set at less than the legal minimum wage.






                                                C)            Working conditions.






                                                D)           Agreements on productivity standards.














2              IN                          Which of the following moral rights could be waived in order to get a job or an increase in employment benefits?




                                                A)           Protection against sexual harassment.






                                                B)            A safe and healthy workplace.






                                                C)            Wage levels required for a decent, humane level of existence.






                                                D)           Plans for a family.






                                                E)            All of the above.






                                                F)            None of the above.














3              IN                          Identify the proposition that challenges the argument for mandatory union membership:




                                                A)           Mandatory union membership allocates the benefits and burdens of union membership in a fair and equal manner.






                                                B)            Whoever receives benefits from a process that entails costs should share in the cost of providing those benefits.






                                                C)            Bargaining between employer and employees will be equal only if the employees bargain for wages and benefits as individuals.






                                                D)           Bargaining between employer and employees will be equal only if the employees bargain for wages and benefits collectively.














4                                             Determine which statement defends the idea that private employers do not have an obligation to provide jobs for others:




                                                A)           Everyone needs a job to be able to satisfy his or her instrumental and psychic needs.






                                                B)            The economic system of a society exists, fundamentally, for the well-being of that society’s members.






                                                C)            Employers have rights, although limited, to property and also have their own right to work.






                                                D)           If citizens have a right to a job to fulfill their instrumental and psychic needs, then some public institution has the obligation to provide those jobs. Private employers can fulfill that obligation more efficiently than government.














5              IN                          Select the statement or statements that represent an erosion of employment at will as a legal doctrine:




                                                A)           Federal and state constitutions grant employees rights against the government as their employer.






                                                B)            Union employees are protected from arbitrary dismissal by their union contracts.






                                                C)            Civil rights laws protect employees from being fired because of race, or sex, for example.






                                                D)           Federal and state laws protect employees who blow the whistle on certain illegal or unethical acts committed by their employers.






                                                E)            All of the above.






                                                F)            None of the above.














6              IN                          A procedural account of due process would preclude:




                                                A)           prior warnings, documentation, and written performance standards;






                                                B)            a list specifying beforehand every possible reason for dismissal and distinguishing them from unacceptable reasons;






                                                C)            probationary periods;






                                                D)           an appeal process and an opportunity to respond to allegations.














7              IN                          Which statement fails to provide a valid reason in support of John McCall’s claim that employees have a right to participate in management decisions?




                                                A)           Human dignity is tied to the ability of humans to guide their own lives and control their own destinies.






                                                B)            Fairness demand that each and every person affected by a managerial decision must have an opportunity to represent his or her own interests.






                                                C)            Employees who participate in and contribute to decision making are less likely to suffer alienation and burnout.






                                                D)           Institutions that encourage and honor employee participation will foster psychic goods of self-worth and self-respect among employees.






                                                E)            All of the above.






                                                F)            None of the above.














8                                             Select the statement that might represent a valid objection to worker participation in management decisions:




                                                A)           Private owners have property rights that include the right to manage and direct the business.






                                                B)            Workers lack the expertise and knowledge to manage a business.






                                                C)            Substantial conflicts that exist between the interests of the firm and the interests of the employees are more likely to occur than similar conflicts between the interests of managers and the interests of the firm.






                                                D)           Any attempt to involve employees in decision making will be inefficient.














9              IN                          According to the free market and classical models of corporate social responsibility, individual bargaining between employees and employers would be the best approach to workplace health and safety. Which statement does not support that approach?




                                                A)           Employees are perfectly free to decide what level of risk they are willing to accept for a corresponding level of wages.






                                                B)            In a competitive free market, individual bargaining would result in the optimal distribution of safety and incomes.






                                                C)            The means the market uses to gather information about risks is to observe the harms done to the first generation exposed to imperfect market transactions, market failures.






                                                D)           The threat of compensatory payments acts as an incentive for employers to maintain a reasonably safe and healthy workplace.














10           IN                          Select the statement that does not reflect the connection between the two senses of privacy as a right to be “left alone” and privacy as a right to control information about oneself:




                                                A)           Certain decisions we make about how we live our lives play a crucial role in defining our personal identity.






                                                B)            Privacy establishes the boundary between individuals and thereby serves to define one’s individuality.






                                                C)            The right to control certain very personal decisions and information has little relevance to determining the kind of person we are and the person we become.






                                                D)           To the degree that we value treating each person as an individual we ought to recognize that certain personal decisions and information are rightfully the exclusive domain of the individual.






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