Elle Zane Questions 2023 Business Finance

2023 The Final Signature Assignment Complete and submit Case 6 on page 481 Elle Zane Leading Change at Tufts NEMC

The Final (Signature Assignment)
Complete and submit Case 6 on page 481. Elle Zane-Leading Change at Tufts/NEMC.

Below are the five “5” questions I would like for everyone to answer.

1. Who are the stakeholders that you identified in each sub-story? What do they have at stake?
2. This is a long list of stakeholders who have various needs and interests. What’s significant about this list of
        stakeholders and their interests? What can we learn from this exercise-case?
3. It is Spring 2011 and the nurses at Tufts Medical Center are threatening to strike. As Zane thinks about and
        plans to negotiate with MNA, how is this negotiation different from and similar to her negotiation with
        Blue Cross Blue Shield’s CEO?
4. Is Zane’s power base different when she is negotiating with Blue Cross Blue Shield than when she is
        negotiating with nurses at TMC?
5. What do you think happened in the nurses’ strike at TMC?

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